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by Publishing Team on January 21, 2011

American Girl Job Description

American Girl is a US based store headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin mainly selling line of dolls, books and accessories based on pre-teen girl characters. Founded in 1986 by Pleasant Rowland, its products are originally purchasable by mail order only. And in 1998, Pleasant Company became a subsidiary of Mattel.

American Girl Job Positions and Descriptions

  • American Girl Retail Manager Job Description

A Retail manager is the one managing a department store or shop on a daily basis. He or she ensures the efficiency and efficacy of the store staff in their assigned field. He or she also recruits, trains and supervises store employees. He or she also takes charge of the store’s budget of expenses, purchasing necessary store materials and accounting.

American Girl Retail Manager Job Hourly Salary: $16/hour

  • American Girl Loss Prevention Officer Job Description

The main responsibilities of a Loss Prevention Officer revolve in the area of safety, cash security and theft, shortage in the inventory. He or she also routinely inspects facility to maintain physical security and asset protection. He or she conducts surveillance to detect and apprehend shoplifters. He or she also conducts daily, weekly and monthly store audits. And one also conducts safety inspections and communicates hazards to a security or key holder on duty.

American Girl Loss Prevention Officer Job Salary: $30,000

  • American Girl Doll hair Stylist Job Description

A Doll Hairstylist is a hairstylist specialized in recreating doll hairs. He or she dresses the hair of the doll according to the doll’s portrayal or role in a story. He or she studies the role of the doll, the skin tone, facial features to fit the right and perfect style for the doll’s hair. He or she may also create new styles or follow custom ordered dolls as configured by the patron.

American Girl Doll Hair Stylist Job Hourly Salary: $12/hour

  • American Girl Intern Job Description

As an Intern, he or she must be able to learn all facets of business in the store. He or she should be open for corrections and should be eager to learn form his or her superior. He or she may assist in all clerical jobs and paper works in the office. He or she may also performed other duties as assigned.

American Girl Intern Job Hourly Salary: $10/hour

  • American Girl Hostess Job Description

A Hostess coordinates and supervises the activities in the store especially during occasions. Customers celebrating occasions especially birthdays or even Pajama Parties may facilitate the activity in the store or an area hosted and sponsored by the company. This is a marketing tool for the company to promote their products to the end target consumers. The main job of the hostess is to make sure that the attendees receive quality time spending in the said activity and ensure the smooth flow of the program.

American Girl Hostess Job Hourly Salary: $11/hour

  • American Girl Database Specialist Job Description

Database Specialist administers and manages large collection of computerized data which is the data base. He or she must be well versed of some database management software to fully and efficiently accomplish the management task. He or she also assists in the shifting of existing data into a new and more efficient database system. He or she also trouble shoots any problems that arise in the management of the database. And he or she also ensures the security and confidentiality of the data stored in the database especially when the database is connected in the internet.

American Girl Database Specialist Job Salary: $96,000

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