American Power Conversion

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Established: 1981
Employees: 6,000
HQ: Paris, France
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American Power Conversion Job Description

American Power Conversion Corporation (APC) designs and produces power protection and organization solutions for computer, communications, and electronic applications. APC becomes of assistance to customers to beat problems with unpredictable electricity, creating a broad series of products that provide as backup power supplies and examine energy utilization and value. American Power Conversion was incorporated in 1981 with more than 6,000 workforces.

American Power Conversion Duties and Responsibilities

  • Product support technician

This position is in charge for sustaining the high rate focus of the technicians by performing opening examination, disassembly, testing, reassembly, finishing check up and packaging of units returned for restoration, modify or remanufacturing, as well as the progress of units and parts. This position may too carry out fundamental breakdown analysis and inferior point repair and remanufacturing tasks in support of the technicians and definite programs and projects; empty out units and first round inspection; execute testing of units, as well as hi-pot, pre-test, burn-in, and concluding test; vital and low-level repair and restoration tasks; object management, movement of record (units and parts), and performing of units for technicians; reassembly of units; and concluding examination and packaging of units in preparation for delivery.

Product support technician Salary: $48,000.00

  • Service Sales Manager

This position is in charge for departmental sales forecasting and running the business progress and sales efforts of the sales department. This position is as well in charge for ensuring that the department attains its booking gross border objectives; develops and apply sales and selling growth strategies; help sales staff in identifying prospects, and all the way through the sales life cycle; keeps abreast of struggle, spirited issues and products; assists further departments with assignment execution, service activities, gathering issues and financial management; supplies to department or distribution strategic planning; prepares performance assessments and set sales staff goals; help in the improvement of departmental budgets; and other duties may be assigned.

Service Sales Manager Salary: $60,000.00

  • Project manager

The Project Manager is assigned to arrange and keep posted project agenda and cost estimates; attain, systematize, and keep all project agreement documents in harmony with TAC’s quality policy; matches project in unity with agreement documents and accepted sales approximation; stuff procurement; plan and carry out the entire project construction meetings; manages assets by setting up, preparing and forecasting manpower and supply necessities; manages subcontractors to bring out soaring quality system on schedule; plan installation subcontractor request documents and discusses subcontracts; assess and commend material and subcontract invoices for compensation; create associated proposals in accordance with company policies; analyze and agree on all team project submittals; assess every estimate and adjust orders for correctness; responsible for financial running on all assigned projects; organize and direct project conclusion to customer; and other duties may be assigned.

Project manager Salary: $81,200.00

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