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by Publishing Team on January 14, 2011

Apple Incorporated Job Description

Creator of iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and desktop computers, the OS X operating system, and the revolutionary iPhone and iPad, this personal computer company giant sure is a one of the best place to work for. For three consecutive years since 2009, it has been voted by Glassdoor as one of “The Best Companies to Work for”. With its state-of-the-art facilities producing high end innovative products in the field of personal computers and electronics, this giant is still opening its doors to acquire new talents to be a part of their ever growing 5,000 team of geniuses.

Apple’s Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Apple Inc. Concierge Job Description

An Apple Inc. Concierge is responsible for all administrative tasks at the Front Desk and Reception area. The position is also responsible for assisting walk-in guests and clients on their inquiries. He or She is also responsible in monitoring of the logging in and out of the employees, guests and clients. Coordination with the superior for instructions and concerns are also one of his or her duties to part take, since she must monitor complaints of the clients and following-up the progress of complaints.

With this kind of job, especially at Apple Inc, they expect one to be highly good at oral communication skills, organized and well-trained in Mac OS applications and of course with pleasing personality.

Apple Inc. Concierge hourly salary: 11.34$/hr

  • Apple Inc. Creative (Apple Store) Job Description

The first thing a client sees is the face of the people around him in a store. A client should be warmly welcomed, and he should feel comfortable with the energetic and smart looking people ready to cater his or her needs. This is where the job of an Apple Inc. Creative comes in. A Creative should be a natural teacher, who loves to share knowledge about digital stuff. He should be very informative but not technical, warm and happy to tell people of what might interests them. A Creative build relationship with the costumers and making sure that even after he or she went out of the store, the client’s smile is still on his or her cheeks.

Apple Inc. Creative Job hourly salary: $16.76/hr

  • Apple Inc. Genius Job Description

An Apple Inc., are the ones responsible in treating the clients’ troubles with their computers either hardware or software problems. They are problem solvers. When there is a trouble, they are the ones being called. One should posses a desire to solve problems and impart people knowledge of simple trouble shooting. They are also the ones serving as digital technology gurus when you try messing with your computer and you just can’t put it back together.

Apple Inc. Genius Job hourly salary: $18.01/hr

  • Apple Inc. Specialist Job Description

To be an Apple Inc. Specialist, one should love apple products with high belief that these products may, or in some other way, enrich people’s lives. Specialists are the ones talking with clients about the coolest gadgets on earth and giving thrills. They are the ones seeing the need of the client and surpass them by giving them the company’s vision. A Specialist should be a witty quick thinker, warm, friendly and a team player.

Apple Inc. Specialist Job hourly salary: $11.65/hr

Apple Incorporated Job Application Form Online

Job opportunities at Apple Inc., especially on their store can be very fun, you can find some job positions that suites your potentials here

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