Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar
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Established: 1980
Employees: 32,260
HQ: Lenexa, Kansas
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Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar Job Description

Applebee’s recognize the importance of a diverse culture more than simply recognizing the differences of every employee. This is how they are able to provide the opportunity for employees to find the right job position without compromising their freedom. Applebee’s is committed to fostering a distinct working environment for every employee interested in pursuing a career in their company.

Applebee’s Job Positions and Duties

  • Applebee’s General Manager Job Description

Aside from managing the restaurant, General Managers for Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar are also expected to exercise all efforts to drive up the sales and increase the store’s profitability. Directing for operational excellence, General Managers need to perform local restaurant marketing, select and train highly skilled talent in order to create a high performing team, lead the team to achieve goals and objectives according to company standards, and become a good example for leadership, performance and excellence. There is a whole range of career opportunities at Applebee’s that can help Managers and other similar positions to excel at what they do.

Applebee’s General Manager Salary: $53,333

  • Applebee’s Assistant Manager Job Description

The main responsibility of Assistant Managers is to report directly to the Restaurant Manager to take work orders for the day. Basically, Assistant Managers need to assist in leading the operations and directing the Team Members to perform as efficiently as they can during their shift. As an Assistant Manager, you have to expect to be working for five days every week and the schedule may vary which will include night shifts, weekends and even during holidays. Assistant Managers must be passionate about what they do and are expected to lead by example while coaching others to be performance and result oriented.

Applebee’s Assistant Manager Salary: $40,827

  • Applebee’s Bartender Job Description

The primary duties of Applebee’s Bartender are to mix and serve alcoholic beverages according to the company’s specifications. Specific functions and duties include mixing ingredients for beverages like soda, fruit juice, water, and liquor to create alcoholic and non – alcoholic drinks. Bartenders are also expected to interact with bar guests and create a friendly and upbeat ambiance. Bartenders will also serve food and drinks to all the guests and they must also complete all the assigned tasks from opening to closing of their duty shifts. Bartenders are also responsible for processing the food orders for managers and other employees.

Applebee’s Assistant Manager Salary: $19,833

  • Applebee’s Hostess Job Description

The primary responsibility of Applebee’s Host and Hostess is to greet the customers and departing customers. They also need to assist guests to their seats in a very friendly manner while maintaining the overall flow of customers arriving and leaving the restaurant. Basically, a Hostess needs to accommodate all the needs of every customer especially those with disabilities. When the restaurant is full, a Hostess must manage the Wait List and make sure to give full priority to customers that are first in line. When needed, a Hostess must also provide assistance to servers and maintain a clean and well organized work station.

Applebee’s Hostess Hourly Salary: $7.38

  • Applebee’s Food Server Job Description

Primary responsibilities of Applebee’s Food Server include serving food and drinks and accommodating the every need of customers in a very friendly and courteous manner. They also need to greet customers as they enter or leave the restaurant, answer questions, provide helpful suggestions to customers with regards to food, drinks, and overall customer service. Food Servers must also efficiently relay all food orders to the kitchen and or service bar through the POS terminal. They also have to present customers the check and accept payment, make correct change or complete the appropriate charge card system.

Applebee’s Food Server Monthly Salary: $2,167

Applebee’s Job Application Form Online

To look and apply for available job position at Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, you can visit the company’s official website for career opportunities at For a whole range of jobs, a complete list and job descriptions is also available at

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