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by Publishing Team on January 31, 2011

Aramark Higher Education Job Description

Aramark Higher Education is an organization committed to meeting and providing quality service to over 600 campuses in North America. They offer services for dining and facilities and conference center management. They are focused on helping campuses shape up and thrive by giving employees the best treatment, caring for the environment, and ensuring the health of the campus where people learn, live, and work.

Aramark Higher Education Job Positions and Duties

  • Aramark Higher Education Director of Operations Job Description

The Director of Operations monitors the operations of all unit food services and resources to achieve operation and finance goals. He/she will be responsible for analyzing all residential and retail financial reports. He/she will conduct report reviews with directors to identify financial gains, loss, and make adjustments to financial goals.

Aramark Higher Education Director of Operations Salary: $57,133

  • Aramark Higher Education Executive Chef Job Description

An Executive Chef allocates 20% of his/her time to cook selected food. He/she will be responsible for menu planning and estimation of costs for the menu. He/she will ensure the implementation of standards for food sanitation and safety. An Executive Chef will train and supervise kitchen personnel to ensure the quality of food preparation.

Aramark Higher Education Executive Chef Salary: $57,500

  • Aramark Higher Education Catering Manager Job Description

A Catering manager is in charge of planning for and organizing a catering event may it be large scale or small in both central and satellite location. He/she will ensure that the company standards and goals are met in every catering event that they give service. He/she will also give assistance in selecting menu items and costing and also hiring efficient people for the job. He/she will also need to facilitate external customer relations as well as coordinate activities with other internal departments.

Aramark Higher Education Catering Manager Salary: $40,153

  • Aramark Higher Education Operations Manager Job Description

As an Operations Manager you will be responsible for managing the success of every company operations and events. Working with flexible time you will perform office administrative functions to meet goals and client needs and satisfaction. You will need to provide supervision and train employees to help them with their personal and career growth.

Aramark Higher Education Salary: $40,431

  • Aramark Higher Education Food and Services Manager Job Description

The Food and Services Manager will take responsibility for planning and managing food services. He/she will need to implement and develop an effective strategy or maintain and follow store procedures in taking orders, receiving, storing, preparing, and serving of food and food related products. He/she also ensures the standards of food sanitation and safety are followed and conduct periodic inventory.

Aramark Higher Education Food and Services Manager Salary: $44,500

Aramark Higher Education Career Opportunities Online

Aramark Higher Education offers not only good service to its customers but also good benefits and a lot of growth enhancing opportunities to its many employees. Aramark Higher Education offers trainings and an environment that motivates and encourages employees to innovate and develop the best out of their potentials. Visit their website at and see if there is an opportunity for you to take.

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