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AT&T Job Description

AT&T Inc. is United States’ largest fixed telephony provider, with around 95.5 million wireless customers, just ahead Verizon of about 93.2 million, with a total of 210 million customers. Founded in October 5, 1983, AT&T is a publicly traded company and a home to about 300,000 employees. In summary of this company’s success, it is 7th largest company in terms of revenue and 4th largest in non-oil profit earning company in the United States.

AT&T Job Positions and Descriptions

  • AT&T Senior Analyst Job Description

A Senior Analyst is responsible in integrating, reviewing, developing, and integrating corporate policies and overall strategies to help achieve company vision and goals. He or she will also be reviewing and monitoring the company performance and strategic results. And as a Senior Analyst, he or she will also help in promoting strategic alliances and collaborations with government agencies and enterprises.

AT&T Senior Analyst Job Salary: $74,309

  • AT&T IT Analyst Job Description

IT Analyst’s main responsibility is to implement and support control of applications to be used. He or she implements most efficient and cost-effective computer solutions, and evaluates specifications for the business.

AT&T IT Analyst Job Salary: $58,981

  • AT&T Account Manager Job Description

An Account Manager is a company professional who is responsible in all communication, conflict resolution and compliance on client deliverables. He or she ensures issues between the clients and company are dealt efficiently. He or she is responsible for the collection of payments and approves any Change Orders and invoices.

AT&T Account Manager Job Salary: $58,862

  • AT&T Customer Service Representative Job Description

A Customer Service Representative is the one who assists people with their complaints and questions. As a customer service representative, he or she should be accurate yet systematic in solving customer queries. He or she should have a good product and company knowledge. He or she may be expected to be assigned either over-the-line customer service representative or over-the-counter customer service representative.

AT&T Customer Service Representative Job Salary: $38,573

  • AT&T Premise Technician Job Description

A Premise Technician at AT&T is responsible in educating customers on services and features. He or she will verify services are working correctly aside from installing and rearranging inside wires. He or she will also work with hand tools and may works in all kinds of weather.

AT&T Premise Technician Job Hourly Salary: $18.03/hour

  • AT&T Retail Sales Representative Job Description

As a Retail Sales Representative, one should have a well-rounded knowledge of the product being offered by the company. He or she may travel to places to reach clients and retail owners and offer company products. He or she closes deals, big or small, and hits sales quota for performance evaluation and job requirement.

AT&T Retail Sales Representative Job Salary: $29,150

  • AT&T Sales Associate Job Description

A Sales Associate is responsible in almost all manual activities in the store. He or she makes sure the products displayed are properly arranged and organized. He or she also assists customers in their needs and queries on a particular product. He or she also conducts product demonstrations and provides customers valuable product information in helping customers a wise purchasing decision.

AT&T Sales Associate Job Salary: $38,996

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