A/X Armani Exchange

by Publishing Team on December 20, 2010

A/X Armani Exchange Job Description

Armani Exchange is a retail corporate that was launched in 1991 by Mr. Giorgio Armani himself. A/X is created with wholesome sense of design and distinctive style to form a pioneering set for the age group of the youth, metropolitan and stylish individuals. Moved by Italy’s al fresco markets, all store is filled with affectionate ambiance, out of the ordinary textures, lucid colors that matches the jumpy but sophisticated nature of the A/X collection. The utilization of polished however unpredicted resources produce a core that is one of a kind, shipshape and friendly. It creates, produce and sell fashion products like accessories, clothing, make-ups, perfumes and other up to date fashion items. A/X has currently comprised 70 retail networks in 33 countries excluding other brands of Armani Group stores.

A/X Armani Exchange Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recruiting Coordinator

The Recruiting Coordinator shall construct and run the entire field employment postings on the A|X Careers website and supplementary collaborator sites; offer assistance for every hiring proceeding by coordinating and giving every hiring material; create store announcement and path outcomes on exact monthly and quarterly staffing training; sort out applicants to suitable Hiring Managers and manage interviews; instigate and follow all field surroundings checks; and present general employment support to all North America stores and make candidate notice through cold-calling.

Recruiting Coordinator Salary: $35,000.00 to $50,000.00

  • Merchandise Manager

The Merchandise Manager submits and converses report to the director of merchandising; present in design presentations of preliminary line concepts reviewing panel formats; develops product line plans and incorporates direction from Milan, Italy; presents line to global allies, incorporating their comment likely anywhere; coordinates with sales and design teams on retailing issues; shows collection four periods a year to the global buyers; and day by day communication with global buyers.

Merchandise Manager Salary: $30,000.00 to $70,000.00

  • Visual Assistant Manager

The Virtual Assistant Manager helps in everyday operation of the visual merchandising and in store marketing team; act as a source for company’s International correspondent item to carry out brand merchandising and production initiatives in the course of black and white and word of mouth communication; match up new store openings with Local and International stores; aid in the documentation of all window resources, samples, stimulation boards, etc.; and uphold store silhouette, worldwide web site for Visual Department.

Virtual Assistant Manager Salary: $30,000.00 to $50,000.00

  • Human Resources Internship

The Human Resources Internship supports the safeguarding of employees’ records, documents and paperwork. Guarantees privacy and lawful performance with employees and company associated facts; taught and assist with the companies medical and fitness benefits including benefit plan participation, Leave of Absences, Open Enrollment Process and wellness Program; monitor the staffing and interviewing procedure, taught how to source and outlook applicant resumes, interview strategies, and partaking in intern and employee interviews; and examine employee and benefit orientations and gain knowledge of internal information system used for documentation keeping.

Human Resources Internship Salary: $20,000.00 to $45,000.00

A/X Armani Exchange Job Application Form Online

More job opportunities are available at A/X Armani Exchange, check out this link: http://www.armaniexchange.com/category/a|x+info/employment.do?id=100575

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