Back Yard Burgers

by Publishing Team on October 19, 2010

Back Yard Burgers Job Description

Back Yard Burgers is a quick service restaurant chain with headquarters in Nashville Tennessee. With over 171 locations in 20 states mainly concentrated in the Southern and Midwestern part of the U.S., Back Yard Burgers is continuously looking for qualified applicants to become part of their team.

Back Yard Burgers Job Positions and Duties

  • Back Yard Burger Business Analyst Job Description

As a Business Analyst at Back Yard Burgers, your main duty is to create an excellent marketing strategy that will in turn generate greater revenues for the company by using the company’s already established marketing approach. You will also need to follow through with the marketing and promotional planning as well as executing follow up of each event based on the company’s guidelines and policies regarding this particular operation. You will also need to handle inquiry calls, make catering arrangements and above all, make sure that your every activity will have positive impact on the company.

Back Yard Burgers Business Analyst Salary: $53,000

  • Back Yard Burgers General Manager Job Description

General Managers at Back Yard Burgers have the duty and responsibility of performing a whole range of managerial and operational tasks including counting inventory for all the supplies in the store, implementing food safety control, improving customer service and client relationships, hiring and training personnel. General Managers are also responsible for creating the daily reports, making daily deposits, and other related tasks. The working condition is fast paced and in a very customer – oriented environment, that is why restaurant managers are expected to cope with all the pressures and stress. He or she must also have the aptitude to immediately solve a problem as soon as it arises and they must strictly implement the company’s safety procedure rigorously.

Back Yard Burgers General Manager Salary: $43,000

  • Back Yard Burgers Cashier Job Description

The main job responsibility of a cashier at Back Yard Burgers is to take and give out orders. Cashiers also need to perform inventory and balance their cash drawers, deal with a variety of customer service related issues, answer all customer questions regarding the products and others special services offered by the store, replace food, and other related duties concerning the customer. The working condition is fast paced so cashiers are expected to be nimble while being careful to avoid bumping other people which can result in a serious accident. They are also expected to be real team players because it is what management is all about.

Back Yard Burgers Cashier Hourly Salary: $7.00

  • Back Yard Burgers Shift Leader Job Description

As a shift Leader at Back Yard Burgers, he or she will be in charge of making sure that every shift will run smoothly and solve minor problems that may arise during their shift. Shift Leaders need to have excellent organizational and managerial skills because he or she will be responsible for managing ten to fifteen employees all at the same time, depending on how large the store is. The need to make sure that all employees are following the food safety procedures implemented by the company, not to mention doing other minor tasks like completing paperwork before the shift ends, doing inventory of all the supplies, evaluating cash drawers, and also making bank deposits.

Back Yard Burgers Shift Leader Hourly Salary: $9.34

  • Some Other Positions

Some other positions at Back Yard Burgers include hourly opportunities for those who are looking for a profitable way to earn extra money. You can apply for hourly positions like cook or crew person. Regardless of what you need, there will be an available job position that will be appropriate to your personal skills and knowledge. As long as you are dedicated on what you do and you have the aptitude of being a team player, Back Yard Burgers will always have a place to make you grow professionally.

Back Yard Burgers Job Application Form Online

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