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by Publishing Team on November 9, 2010

Bank of the West Job Descriptions

Bank of the West has career opportunities in areas such as customer service, branch management, finance, legal, compliance, human resources, marketing, information technology and project management. Bank of the West offers a competitive benefits package that helps our team members to achieve their personal and financial goals. Benefits that include: medical, as well as retiree coverage, dental, vision, life insurance, short- and long-term disability, tuition reimbursement, pre-tax flexible, and several others. The bank requests for dedication and commitment from its numerous employees cut across several states.

Bank of the West Job Positions and Duties

  • Bank of the West Cash Management Officer Job Description

The Cash Management Officer is responsible for identifying, analyzing, selling and supporting cash management products and services to established business customers and targeted prospective corporate clients. Works closely with relationship officers in attaining service charge and deposit goals; solidify customer retention efforts by providing a superior level of customer service. Responds to a Request for Proposal (RFP); assesses customer needs and recommends effective strategies; performs a cost benefit and risk analysis; negotiates pricing to optimize profitability of product or service solutions. Contributes to the Bank’s deposit growth strategies and goals; generates additional revenue from the sale of cash management products and services; attains established individual, department and Bank goals through active participation in sales management and officer call programs.

Bank of the West Cash Management Officer Salary: $82,500

  • Bank of the West Audit Officer Job Description

The Audit Officer is responsible for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling financial, operational and lending audits for the Bank. Examines the accuracy and completeness of records and procedures for internal control to safeguard Bank assets and ensures areas of the Bank are in compliance with policies, procedures, regulations and laws. Reports audit findings and recommendations to mitigate risk directly to the Bank’s Audit Committee. Performs supervisory duties of department staff, coordinates staff for coverage in all related areas of the department.

Bank of the West Audit Officer Salary: $60,000

  • Bank of the West Bankruptcy Specialist Job Description

Whether assisting professionals file bankruptcy, or individuals/organizations affected by the bankruptcy of others, bankruptcy specialists must understand all aspects of liquidation. They must be able to accurately advise clients and compose paperwork as necessary. Due to the numerous factors to consider in a bankruptcy case, professionals must be able to inform clients as necessary.

Bank of the West Bankruptcy Specialist Salary: $45,000

  • Bank of the West Electronic Banking Specialist Job Description

With continual increases in technology, electronic banking specialists have progressively become more integral to the success of banking facilities, so is the case with Bank of the West. These professionals oversee the activities of debit and credit cards, ATMs, and online banking services. They must be capable of solving problems, as well as answering customer inquiries.

Bank of the West Electronic Banking Specialist Salary: $45,000

  • Bank of the West Small Business Banker Job Description

Due to the size of facilities being greatly reduced, small business bankers often adhere to more lenient policies. Professionals are still regulated by the same legal regulations and have the same financial understandings, but facilities are often more relaxed and offer personalized service to customers.

Bank of the West Small Business Banker Salary: $39,000

  • Bank of the West Loan Processor Job Description

Often employed to assist loan officers, loan processors answer phones, track interest rates, distribute mail and reports, or any other necessary tasks. Other duties include generating loan documents, opening escrows, ordering reports or appraisals, and maintaining a number of computer systems. Associates must be flexible and able to assist wherever necessary.

Bank of the West Loan Processor Salary: $35,400

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