bebe Stores Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 3, 2011

bebe Stores Inc. Job Description

bebe plans, creates and produces a unique line of up to date women’s clothes and accessories. Bebe was launched by Manny Mashouf in 1970’s in San Francisco, California. For more than thirty years, bebe has established itself as one of the top women’s merchants having urbanized the modern-day market for the masses.

bebe Stores Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Senior Marketing Manager

The Senior Marketing Manager constructs, directs and executes bebe promotion and events strategy; cohorts with Senior Director to build up yearly publicity plan, choose promotional vehicles, discuss highly spirited rates and runs creative deadlines; develops convincing bebe events that take company sales, customer loyalty and brand buzz; deals with budgets and tracks performance results for every advertising and events; manages the bebe nationwide and regional print and outdoor promotional strategy including advocating advertising vehicles, discussing convincing advertising rates, and tracking performance results; watches over print sellers and advertising partners to track and guarantee flourishing, on-budget construction of all promotional creative; makes certain that product vision and imaginative principles are upheld in all advertising and event strategies; manages artistic group on advertising projects to ensure that all time limits are met; keeps and organizes yearly advertising and events datebook; partners with producers and designs to ensure that key serial product plans are well characterized in advertising and event strategies; works with e-marketing team to support offline and online advertising approaches; works with store functions to ensure that stores are well equipped for all events and conscious of all advertising campaigns; gauges, evaluates and reports on the usefulness of all advertising and events campaign; directs single part-time consultant who recognizes and evaluates outdoor advertising opportunities; and obtains further responsibilities, duties, and missions as assigned.

Senior Marketing Manager Salary: $80,000.00-$130,000.00

  • Merchandise Planner

The Merchandise Planner is accountable for the preparation and distribution of product for a particular type and or categorization; builds up regular plans by kind and store and carries out the needed distribution strategy associated to that plan; develops regular sales, records, and receipts plans by grouping or classification and re-forecasts the plan as definite trend dictates; accountable for the allocation of products from the warehouse to the stores; works with buyer to find out the proper purchase quantities in unity with the receipt plan on a monthly basis; evaluates top sellers and identifies key trends on a weekly basis to upshot future orders and make the most of sales volume; propose and execute all product consolidations; spot styles for cut rate and evaluate with merchant for consent and implementation; present weekly, monthly and regular breakdown for particular category or classification with sales and inventory performance, amount selling analysis, and sales performance by store or district; relies on experience and findings to plan and achieve goals; and obtains further responsibilities, duties, and missions as assigned.

Merchandise Planner Salary: $50,000.00-$80,000.00

bebe Stores Inc. Job Application Form Online

Interested applicants may visit this link for online application.

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