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by Publishing Team on January 11, 2011

Beckett Media LLP Job Description

Beckett Media, LLC issues sports and line market collectible publications. It also manages, an online target for sports collectibles fanatics. Beckett Media LLP markets fantasy sports guides for baseball and football. Its publications feature Olympic, soccer, tennis, car racing, boxing, football, golf, hockey, baseball, basketball, wrestling and entertainment, etc. Beckett Media LP was previously branded as Beckett Publications, Inc. The company was established in 1984 and is situated in Dallas, Texas.

Beckett Media LLP Duties and Responsibilities

  • Sports Data Publishing

The ideal applicant should have background understanding of hobby histories and card or content records. The applicant should have the skill to gather together and evaluate pricing information, Internet and computer skills, and the talent to work promptly with concentration to detail.

Sports Data Publishing Salary: $50,000.00

  • Freelance Writers

The perfect applicant should consign to a writing assignment and should acquire all the facts required before starting to write. The applicant should be certain on the extent of the article, terms projected to be use and time chart for completion. It is wise to make sure that you are writing what is anticipated of you. The applicant writer must demonstrate honesty and sincerity in his or her work ethics. The applicant writer needs high-quality computer skills, research potentials, and typing skills. You will need to verify the spelling and grammar from your writing plan but it is extremely helpful if you can write with no regular misspellings or sentence structure errors. The applicant should have the ability to focus on being a business writer, on marketing writing and on web writing. The applicant may make a decision on doing question and writing for magazines or newspapers. The applicant writer may center on writing for non-profit groups by writing suggestions developments and funding writing.

Freelance Writer Salary: $30,000.00

  • Senior Accountant

The applicant for the senior accountant position would be accountable for preparing and assessing financial accounts. The applicant would also assist in the company’s yearly audits. The senior accountant tests a range of financial information and ledgers, besides monitoring after issues which concern financial dealings and check deposits. He or she is the connection among the financial issues of the company during meetings and conferences. The applicant must be responsible for the preparation of accurate financial reports. He or she should pass the notice to the management about issues which has an effect on cash flow, operating cost and balances. The applicant should know how to carry out common accounting functions, which includes working the general ledger system and month-end close work. He or she should inspect financial records, gather information, arrange reports and make proposals. This position should also entails running the Use and Sales Tax accounting process and the Fixed Asset procedure, rules and process. The applicant must learn the revenues styles and fixed cost of the company so that they are properly recorded.

Senior Accountant Salary: $60,000.00

Becket Media LLP Job Application Form Online

Visit Beckett Media LLP company homepage.
Fill out questionnaire and include a sample of your writing and send to [email protected]

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