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Best Buy Co.
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Established: 1983
Employees: 180,000
HQ: Richfield, Minnesota
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Best Buy Co. Job Description

Best Buy Co., Inc. is a world-renowned electronic products retailer which has key branches in Asia, North and Central America and operates subsidiaries under its supervision like ZoomShops, Future Shop and Best Buy in Canada, Pacific Sales, Greek Squad, and Magnolia Audio Video. ZoomShops of Zoom Systems are located in malls and airports in entire US. Best Buy Co., Inc. corporate office is based in Richfield, Minnesota.

Best Buy Co. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Sr. Director Domestic Finance – Secondary Markets

The right person for the position should have the ability to lead the financial activities of the company that includes recommendations and business analysis for on-line profitability. He will also be assigned to evaluate alternative recommendations on on-line business models and secondary markets opportunities, identify performance management activities, planning linkage, and key performance indicators. He will also handle reporting activities, financial accounting, 5-year and annual financial plans.

Sr. Director Domestic Finance – Secondary Markets Salary- No data available

  • Best Buy Mobile Store Manager – Stand Alone Store (SAS)

The right person for the position should have the ability to work with Area Sales Manager to support Best Buy Mobile initiatives and specific goals. He will support the local community at large, neighboring best buy stores, coordinate mall relationships, drive retention goals and customer satisfaction, should demonstrate the ability to manage to achieve maximum profitability according to the standard operating platform procedures, also needs to support store and district by means of coaching and modeling strong positive and salesmanship behaviors. Ongoing training and intensive orientation will be provided for continuous achievement of company goals and great results.

Best Buy Mobile Store Manager – Stand Alone Store (SAS) Salary- No data available

  • Director, IT Product/Capability Management (Vendor Integration)

The right person for the position should have the ability to work for a role handling technical deep functional subject matter expertise on different vendor integration technologies, methods and approaches for multiple business functions and should be focused on support for business objectives through driving the roadmap for the technology platforms used. The position also covers technical subject matter integration that represents both application development teams and business leaders and must partner with 3rd party providers for the chartered IT organization to process capabilities and deliver IT services. The successful applicant should be influential and highly effective both in outsourced IT services and matrix structure of functional business areas.

Director, IT Product/Capability Management (Vendor Integration) Salary- No data available

  • Asset Protection Job

The right person for the position should have the ability to work for the operation of Best Buy store through maintaining store safety and building security, modeling philosophy for the company by applying and identifying various techniques to control actual or potential losses, and by using good judgment in your actions and decisions. You should provide a safe and welcoming shopping experience to customers by using good judgment, react in a professional manner, administer first aid, respond to emergency situations, apprehend shoplifters, and maintaining both general store safety and maintaining building security.

Asset Protection Job Salary- No data available

  • Delivery Driver

The right person for the position should have the ability to provide the customers with the best service possible that will add to the company’s merit as a world-class electronic products retailer. The successful candidate should create customer experience to ensure that the company continues to be the choice of many and build a longer lasting relationship. The hired person for the delivery driver position will handle scheduling of daily delivery routes, remove old products and deliver new products to customers, instruct customers on uses, ensure functionality, and make product connections, arrange maintenance and maintain truck, and needs to complete job related paperwork.

Delivery Driver Salary- No data available

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