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Established: 2002
Employees: 500
HQ: South Bend, Indiana
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Better World Books Job Description

Better World Books was launched in 2002 in University of Notre Damn. It began with advertising and merchandising textbooks online and successfully produced a ground-breaking community endeavor, a company with a duty to uphold literacy. The company believes that learning and having the right to use textbooks are fundamental to human being rights. This is the exact reason why books sold on become assistance in supporting high-impact literacy projects in the United States and around the world. To this point, the company has transformed in excess of $53 million books into greater than $8.6 million in granting for literacy and learning as well as more than 26,000 loads of books from landfills.

Better World Books Duties and Responsibilities

  • Office Manager

As an Office Manager you will be assigned to work in Alpharetta, GA.; you are obliged to report to the Chief Operating Officer; you must bear acquiring team with meetings, setting up, preparation, deal shows, distribution of MARCOMM materials, take a trip and the whole supervision of the Alpharetta office; you will manage the Alpharetta office and every single vendors and supplies sustaining it.; you must also serve as the receptionist; you should be able to work with managers’ every now and then on particular programs, projects or roll-outs; you must epitomize and live by the Company’s mission and core values; and other duties will also be assigned during the course of duty.

Office Manager Salary: $35,000.00-$45,000.00

  • Community and Social Media Manager

As a community and social media manager, you will be assigned to work in Atlanta, GA, United States; you are obliged to report to the Vice President of Marketing; you should produce and put into practice social media marketing approach and tactical plans; you must generate strategic preparation for Better World Books population growth, smoothing the progress of many-to-many discussions and affairs; you must run Better World Books’ social media attendance including but not constrained to Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, forums and blog contributions; you must make manages social appliance such as ideates, creates, and manages the course one after the other; you must drive greater than before fan, like, follower engagement across social media controls; you must carry out outreach to others across the social diagram, classifying zealous and powerful supporters and launching commonly valuable interactions with them; you should be able to keep an eye on referrals of Better World Books across the web and takes action correctly; you should determine effects of social media on returns and income; you must also be prepared to dig into the figures on a usual basis; you must be well versed in social media examining tools and procedures; and you should track the alterations in social media landscape and positions Better World Books to get the most out of on the next thing as or prior to happen.

Community and Social Media Manager Salary: $30,000.00-$60,000.00

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