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BevMo Job description

BevMo, short for beverage and more, is the number 1 alcoholic beverages retailer in the western part of the United States. It is amongst the largest of the country also. BevMo offers not only alcoholic beverages but also non- alcoholic beverages as well as specialty foods and snacks, cigarettes, glassware and bar and wine related accessories.

BevMo Job Positions and Duties

  • BevMo Store Manager Job Description

A Store Manager pushes to reach the store’s sales and productivity goals and to do so, he/she gives motivation to the sales team and leads it to give out their best and satisfy customer needs. He/she manage store operations and also see to it that the store is properly staffed.

BevMo Store Manager Salary Range: $57k- 72k

  • BevMo Assistant Store Manager Job Description

The Assistant Manager at BevMo assists the store manager in store operations. He/she also works with the sales team, inspiring them to do well in their job, and give them motivation to deliver the best service they could offer a customer. An Assistant Manager supports the manager in his/her duty and ensures consistency and compliance of the employees.

BevMo Assistant Store Manager Salary Range: $28k- 33k

  • BevMo Head Clerk Job Description

The Head Clerk also takes part in the managing team. He/she assists both manager and assistant manager. The head clerk also sees to it that the customers are given the highest quality of service. The head clerk can take the responsibility of an associate while functioning as a head clerk at the same time.

BevMo head Clerk Salary: $32,000

  • BevMo Sales Associate Job Description

A Sales Associate must be able to give customers the highest quality of service. He/she must be exceptionally talented in selling products and he/she must be knowledgeable about various product categories which will enable him/her to assist customers efficiently and accurately by providing them with what they need.

BevMo Sales Associate Hourly Salary: $9.00

  • BevMo Receiving Clerk Job Description

The Receiving Clerk will be responsible for receiving the delivered products for the store and inputting it in the computer for inventory purposes. He/she may assist the managing team at times when needed. The receiving clerk also monitors the movement of store merchandise.

BevMo Receiving Clerk Hourly Salary Range: $13- $14

BevMo Job Application Form Online

BevMo sees to it that its stores are fully staffed. If you want to check if there are any job opportunities available for you visit their site at

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