Big Boy

by Publishing Team on October 29, 2010

Big Boy Job Description

This is one of the oldest restaurants in Detroit. Best known for its burgers, big boy has been there and served some of the juiciest burgers since 1936. It was started when there are very few restaurant chains in the United States and it promptly filled a niche with its interesting menus. Big boy has employed a lot of crew and management employees and still continues to do so to this day.

Big Boy Job Positions and Duties

  • Big Boy Cashier Job Description

Cashiers working for Big Boy have to wear big smiles. They have to welcome the customers and see to it that they have all they need. A cashier has to have excellent communication skills and PR skills as well. These skills will help him to know when and how to answer a customer. Big Boy cashiers must have the know-how of handling a cash register. They have to keep sufficient records and give an easy time to the other cashier in the next shift.

Big Boy cashier’s salary: $12 to $13 per hour

  • Big Boy Cook Job Description

The preparation of the menu items fall on the cook’s shoulders. He has to make sure all the food items have been prepared depending on the demand for these items. The cook has to cook well and present the foods well to the customers. It is the work of the cook to price the items on the menu since he is the one who knows the market price of the ingredients used to prepare the items on the menu. Cooks work as a team to make sure the kitchen is clean and the dishes have been washed too.

Big Boy cook’s salary: $14 per hour

  • Big Boy Shift Manager Job Description

You may have probably encountered a shift manager in a new restaurant somewhere. They are the people who will show you to an empty seat and will help you with a lot of other things. This is part of the job description of a shift manager. Managing a shift can be tasking and a shift manager must keep up with the task. The shift manager has to be presentable and help customers get services whenever they need them. He helps to solve any altercation with a customer.

Big Boy shift manager’s salary: $17 per hour

  • Big Boy Store Manager Job Description

Store management depends on the size of the store and the number of shifts. The overall store manager will hire clerks depending on the shifts and the size of the store. The store manager has to make sure all the shifts have staff members. He solves any problems that clerks may have among themselves and helps to train store clerks in record keeping and time management. The store manager has to be aware of the principles of profit and loss therefore has to make sure the store is as profitable as possible.

Big Boy store manager’s salary: $14 to $15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

Crew and management positions available depend on which franchise one is has a vacancy. Management positions are available for experienced responsible and skilled people who work well under pressure. One has to have a CV with good references and choose the shifts he is comfortable working in.

Big Boy Job Application Form Online

Applications for work in big boys are not available online at the moment because the website is being renovated. This site will give you more ideas on what is expected of an employee of big boy.

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