Bill Miller Bar-B-Q

by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Job Description

Is has been 60 years since the idea of a business was born, which later became the Bill Miller Bar-B-Q chain of restaurants. It belongs to a family and the skills of running this business have seen the opening of several branches. For more than 30 years the Bill Miller Bar-B-Q chain of restaurants have been managed by the same people and this has seen an increase in revenue and branches. There are jobs on offer, some are listed below.

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Job Positions and Duties

  • Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Cashier Job Description

The cashier’s main job is to take care of the cash register. The cashier is personally responsible for accounting for the day’s sales. In the event of a problem, the cashier has to liaise with the shift manager. The cashier may be called to serve the customers when there is a high demand. This professional will issue receipts to customers and make sure the change is accurate for each one. She needs to be well informed about the Bill Miller Bar-B-Q restaurants so she can answer any related questions.

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q cashier’s salary: $8 per hour

  • Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Cook Job Description

The specialties of the Bill Miller Bar-B-Q are bread and meat recipes. There are other recipes in the menu and all these the cook needs to be well capable of cooking. The cook has to have the experience of cooking in the same environment and has to maintain personal hygiene. Health is very important, so the cook has to be healthy too. He maintains the cleanliness of the counter tops, the dishes and the crockery. Sometimes, he may serve the customers of Bill Miller Bar-B-Q so he has to be presentable all the time.

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q cook’s salary 8.9 to 10

  • Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Shift Manager Job Description

Considering that a shift lasts eight hours, one may think that the work of a Bill Miller Bar-B-Q shift manager is very easy but it is not. The technicalities of working in a fast paced environment make it very challenging for a shift manager. He has to make sure the shift is profitable since his job relies on the good performance of the shift. The shift manager trains and maintains all the staff members of the Bill Miller Bar-B-Q.

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q shift manager’s salary: $ 19to 20 per hour

  • Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Store Manager Job Description

The payment for a Bill Miller Bar-B-Q employee is above the average market payment and it is dependent on the experience of the person in his specialty. On average, a new store manager has to have the experience of two years. He has to know the basic skills of record keeping and human resource management since he will have to hire employees to work in the store. He has to make sure the store is well arranged and clutter-free.

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q store manager’s salary: $14-16 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

There are many other job positions on offer in the more than 50 Bill Miller Bar-B-Q restaurants and some of them include the Counter Help and Kitchen Help employees. All these are integrated into the Bill Miller Bar-B-Q through training once employed and are expected to work to the best possible. Management staff members are always needed in Bill Miller Bar-B-Q and all are expected to have more than the average experience level to work. It is interesting that most of the people working in management started as crew members in high school.

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Job Application Form Online

There is a lot of information about the jobs in Bill Miller Bar-B-Q in the official website in this link are the requirements needed for jobs in Bill Miller Bar-B-Q

Crew job requirements can be found here;

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