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BlackRock Job Description

BlackRock is a globally-known investment management firm. It was founded in 1988 and has over $3.446trillion assets under management as of September 2010. It provides investment, advisory and risk management solutions and has been leading the industry for more than two decades now. It has more than 8,900 talented employees and serves clients in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa.

BlackRock Job Positions and Duties

  • BlackRock Internal Audit Associate Job Description

The Internal Audit Associate’s job is to accurately perform check and balance and audit and to find out any inadequacies and ineffectiveness in Blackrock’s internal control environment so that actions can be taken to improve risk management, control, and governance processes. He/she is responsible for carrying out audit operations while following the approved audit plan of the company and according to the company’s policies, procedures, and regulations.

BlackRock Internal Audit Associate Salary: $47,463

  • BlackRock Senior Business Analyst Job Description

A Senior Business Analyst at Blackrock is responsible for participating in project teams that will develop analysis reports, analyze and come up with goals and objectives for each project and ensure that these have proper and accurate documentation. They are also responsible for developing reports and software out of the customer’s business requirements.

BlackRock Senior Business Analyst Salary: $70,778

  • BlackRock Product Specialist Job Description

A BlackRock Product Specialist is part of a team that is tasked to develop content and marketing materials that will be vital to attract and retain client investments. This work requires strong research and writing skills and also strong people skills as the product specialist team must always be collaboratively working with the other business units in BlackRock.

BlackRock Product Specialist Salary: $63,333

  • BlackRock Senior Portfolio Accountant Job Description

The Senior Portfolio Accountant is tasked for the execution of accounting functions relating to a specific portfolio assigned to him/her which may be multi-housing, commercial and/ or joint ventured properties. He/she is responsible for reviewing, gathering, recording, analyzing, and translating portfolio-related data into financial statements. The Senior Portfolio Accountant is must be able to multi-task and must have skills to work with a team or alone.

BlackRock Senior Portfolio Accountant Salary: $33,000

  • BlackRock Regional Manager Job Description

Working as a Regional Manager at BlackRock, one must have prior experience in managing and leading people the ability to work as part of a team as well. The Regional Manager is responsible for the daily management of his team, overseeing the sub-divisions of the teams assigned to him, and most importantly provide support for the higher level teams in the company. He/she is also responsible for making sure that the daily operations are carried out in a timely manner and according to their daily goals and company policies and procedures.

BlackRock Regional Manager Salary: $70,000

BlackRock Job Application Form Online

In BlackRock’s official website,, one can explore and know more about the company and search for different opportunities to promote the growth of their career. There are also options for internships and experienced professionals as well.

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