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Bloomingdale’s Job Description

What started out as a small shop that specialized in selling hoop-skirts is now the widely-known Bloomingdale’s. It is a very popular department store in the United States own by Macy’s Inc. It was founded in 1860 by the brothers Joseph and Lyman G. Bloomingdale. Selling women’s clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories, beauty products, men’s apparel and accessories, to designer products, kids’ apparel and accessories and even home products, Bloomingdale’s continue to live the Bloomingdale Brothers dream in dominating the retail industry by setting their stores apart from others.

Bloomingdale’s Job Positions and Duties

  • Bloomingdale’s Merchandise Manager Job Description

The Merchandise Manager’s job involves overseeing the daily merchandising operations of a business. He/she is responsible for managing flow and placement of merchandise receipts and other general merchandise related operations. He must also lead, train, motivate, and develop a strong team that is excellence-driven.

Bloomingdale’s Merchandise Manager Salary: $46,772

  • Bloomingdale’s Cosmetic Sales Manager Job Description

Being a Cosmetic Sales Manager at Bloomingdale’s, means leading a motivated staff down the road of success for the multi-million dollar department. Preferably female, he/she is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, and developing a staff of goal-oriented and service-minded Sales Associates. She must also make sure that the service environment is clean and organized and submit to the store’s presentation standards. As a manager, she must also motivate her staff to maximize business opportunities and at the same time be a role model in providing excellent customer service.

Bloomingdale’s Cosmetic Sales Manager Hourly Salary: $21.93

  • Bloomingdale’s Evening/Weekend Dresses Sales Professional Job Description

Since Bloomingdale’s unique marketing strategy, clienteling, keeps it on top, Sales professionals at Bloomingdale’s must be able to develop and maintain a strong professional relationship with their customers, and prioritize excellent customer service, fashion sense, and selling skills at all times. She must also be able to have strong product knowledge and must be a team player.

Bloomingdale’s Evening/Weekend Dresses Sales Professional Hourly Salary: $13.33

  • Bloomingdale’s At Your Service Personal Shopper Job Description

A Personal Shopper’s main job at Bloomingdale’s is to ensure outstanding customer service at all times. He/she must have an entrepreneurial outlook, enjoys interacting with and helping customers by enthusiastically giving them information about the products and building and maintaining a client book. He/she must also have strong fashion sense and enjoys working in a fast-paced environment.

Bloomingdale’s At Your Service Personal Shopper Hourly Salary: $24.30

  • Bloomingdale’s Loss Prevention/Store Security Supervisor Job Description

A Loss Prevention/Store Security Supervisor is tasked to manage and develop a team composed of Loss Prevention Associates. This team is responsible for preventing and controlling store losses due to external and internal theft. The Store Security Supervisor is responsible for maintaining a high degree of professionalism, observing and apprehending shoplifters, and executing necessary actions for crimes committed in the store. He must also oversee and direct loss prevention and store security trainings and daily operations in the store.

Bloomingdale’s Loss Prevention/Store Security Supervisor Hourly Salary: $13.50

Bloomingdale’s Job Application Form Online

Bloomingdale’s official career site,, makes it easier for people to know more about Bloomingdale’s history, corporate governance, and different career opportunities available.

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