Bob Evans

by Publishing Team on November 9, 2010

Bob Evans Job Description

Bob Evans is a combination of food service, processing and retail business. But for those who love the natural freshness of farm foods, Bob Evans will always remain as the best family dining restaurant. At present, Bob Evans is looking for highly qualified personnel that will have the right attitude, determination, and the will to learn new things especially in improving customer service.

Bob Evans Job Positions and Duties

  • Bob Evans General Manager Job Description

Included in the chief duties of General Managers at Bob Evans is overseeing the overall operations of the restaurant. This also includes but not limited to developing and coaching the work team to make sure that every employee is able to maintain standards of the company while providing excellent dining experience to customers. General Managers at Bob Evans also have to monitor and reinforce food safety procedures, maximize store sales, and achieve profit goals. It is also important for General Managers to maintain QSC standards and ensure that the Bob Evans brand and assets will remain the best in the market.

Bob Evans General Manager Salary: $50,500

  • Bob Evans Assistant Manager Job Description

Assistant Manager position at Bob Evans is the best stepping stone to become full time General Managers for one of the country’s fast growing and largest chain of family dining restaurants. Working directly with the General Manager, Assistant Managers are the store’s second in command and will be doing most of the things done by General Managers. Key responsibilities include helping in training Team Members, facilitating implementation of standard operating procedure of the company, and maintaining excellent customer satisfaction at all time. Assistant Managers at Bob Evans will also be doing some product and supply inventory counting and recording, schedule work shifts, and ensure that all the company’s policies with regards to proper food handling and preparation are being implemented all throughout the stations.

Bob Evans Assistant Manager Salary: $34,059

  • Bob Evans Waitress Job Description

Waitress position at Bob Evans is an hourly opportunity its main responsibility is to take food and beverage orders and must enter all orders as quickly as possible while maintaining the proper sequence. Servers must also serve ordered food and beverages in their section and to other sections as well when other servers assigned to that area is doing something. Servers must also coordinate with the kitchen to make sure that service is on time and the quality of the food is according to the company’s standards. In general, Servers at Bob Evans must perform all delegated tasks as directed by the management and make sure that all the company’s operational guidelines are upheld.

Bob Evans Server Salary: $12,603

  • Bob Evans Kitchen Manager Job Description

Kitchen Managers at Bob Evans need to ensure that they have the proper staffing levels through recruiting new talents and hiring highly skilled kitchen staff according to the company guidelines. Kitchen Managers also the main responsibility of assigning staff their work schedules, providing performance feedback, implementing discipline in the kitchen, conducting investigation when an issue arises and implementing contract termination if a particular employee failed to perform as expected. Kitchen Managers must also communicate effectively with the management to ensure effective operations and they must also build trust with other staff members and their colleagues by offering clear and honest communication among the entire team.

Bob Evans Kitchen Manager Salary: $33,496

  • Bob Evans Service Attendant Job Description

As a Service Attendant at Bob Evans, the chief responsibilities include but are not limited to providing excellent customer service and courtesy while completing all the duties delegated by the management. Service attendants are also expected to use the knowledge of positional skills, maintain and implement health and safety guidelines and following all company policies and operational procedures. Service attendants also need to provide quality products and services while maintaining a safe and clean environment to ensure one hundred percent customer satisfaction. Service attendants must also have strong and highly efficient customer service skills and a positive attitude towards everything.

Bob Evans Service Attendants Hourly Salary: $8.00

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anonymous November 20, 2010 at 3:28 pm

Hard workers not wanted, The more you do for the company the less the managers like you! Very unfair with servers! If you ask questions you definitely are not liked! When a party of 27 come in should you divide the party up between servers! This manager let one server have a $52.00 tip the other server $6.80! Does that seem fair? She also does not do schedules fair! Does not care how long you have been with the company! Love being a server just would be nice to be appreciated more from Management! Management very unfair in Rio Grande , Ohio


anonymous January 24, 2011 at 6:02 am

i have been working there for over 3 years. others have started at a higher rate than me and are getting raises. i would appreciate it if i would get a raise since i have earned it especially compared to other new employees.


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