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by Publishing Team on November 9, 2010

Branch Banking and Trust Company Job Descriptions

BB&T believes in excellence, and that excellence begins with its employees. At BB&T, the employees are the most valuable asset. BB&T operates on the principle that each individual is capable of having a positive impact on the organization. This belief has allowed BB&T to evolve into one of the financial service industry’s top performers. BB&T is the nation’s 10th largest financial holding company, providing its clients with banking, insurance, investment and other financial solutions. The bank has more than 30,000 employees and more than 1,800 locations in 13 states and Washington, D.C. BB&T fosters respect and appreciation for individual differences and believes innovation is enhanced by diversity. The varied life and business experiences of the employees help the bank deliver better products and services and build better relationships with the clients.

Branch Banking and Trust Company Job Positions and Duties

  • BB&T Chief Information Technology Officer Job Description

The Chief Information Technology Officer is responsible for managing the Bank’s technology resources and support facilities, including the Bank’s mainframe computer system, local, wide, wireless, Internet, and Intranet networks, telephone and Voice over IP (VoIP) systems, and all related software programs. Plans, organizes, and controls the Bank’s day-to-day information technology resource activities; collaborates with the Chief Operations Officer in the overall administration of these directives for the Bank. Ensures the Bank’s information technology activities are secure and stable, used to help maximize profits commensurate with the best interest of shareholders, customers, employees, and the public.

BB&T Chief Information Technology Officer Salary: $111,000

  • BB&T Mortgage Loan Manager Job Description

The Mortgage Loan Manager is responsible for the administration and direction of the Bank’s Mortgage Lending Program; ensures a safe, sound and profitable mortgage loan portfolio is maintained; oversees the activities of the Mortgage Loan Department; promotes quality mortgage loan customer service and related activities, including the soliciting, processing, underwriting, and loan closing functions. Contributes to the Bank’s deposit growth strategies and goals; generates additional revenue from lending products and services; attains established individual, department and bank goals. Performs direct supervisory duties of department staff and coordinates staff for coverage in all related areas of the department.

BB&T Mortgage Loan Manager Salary: $70,000

  • BB&T Human Resources Director Job Description

The Human Resources Director is responsible for administering the Bank’s Human Resources Department and associated functions; new hire orientation and exit interviews, employee communications, benefits, training, maintaining employee files and records, employee counseling and supervisory assistance, employee payroll, etc. The position is also responsible for assisting executive officers in maintaining employee, public relations, and internal affairs of the Bank; ensures various administrative and internal activities or projects run smoothly and efficiently; provides leadership, support, and training throughout the organization as required; researches and writes various human resources-related policies, procedures and other related documentation or materials.

BB&T Human Resources Director Salary: $69,500

  • BB&T Credit Analyst Job Description

The Credit Analyst is responsible for gathering and analyzing credit information on current and potential borrowers; determines the advisability of granting credit for diversified types of loans; assists loan officers in writing loan requests; promotes business for the Bank by maintaining good customer relations and referring customers to appropriate staff for new services.

BB&T Credit Analyst Salary: $43,500

  • BB&T Courier Job Description

The Courier is responsible for performing scheduled courier services for the Bank, including, but not limited to, carrying articles, documents and deposits between branches, customers and other locations; sorting, delivering and picking up mail from the post office; and other duties as directed.

BB&T Courier Salary: $43,500

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