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Bruegger’s Job Description

This chain of restaurants brought bagels to America and since 1983 has not stopped making some of the best bagels in the market. For more than 20 years, the restaurant chain was under the management of the people who started the chain. In 2003, the management changed and franchisees were welcomed to increase the numbers of outlets in more states and cities in the United States and beyond its borders. The menus were increased and this increased the revenues as well. at the moment, there are close to 300 Bruegger’s stores.

Bruegger’s Job Positions and Duties

  • Bruegger’s Cashier Job Description

The cashier is probably the first person the customers will see when they step into any of the Bruegger’s chain of restaurants. It is the duty of the cashier to look presentable. The cashier needs to be neat since he may be required to serve the customers every once in a while. The main work of the cashier is to make sure the clients have the right change. The cashier needs to have an answer to any questions the customers may have. It is from these questions that the cashier may be able to advice the management on what the customers want and need.

Bruegger’s cashier’s salary: $12 per hour

  • Bruegger’s Cook Job Description

The cook prepares the menus for all the restaurants. The work of this employee is to make sure the food served fits the description. The cook makes sure all the menu items have been prepared according to the demand. it is the work of the cook to ensure that all the ingredients for preparation have been supplied in time and well stored for preservation. The cook oversees the work of his subordinates in the kitchen to make sure everything is running according to the schedule.

Bruegger’s cook’s salary: $14 per hour

  • Bruegger’s Shift Manager Job Description

This is an employee in demand in many restaurants across the United States. For one to be a shift manager, one has to have a lot of personal and professional skills. the number one skill of this employee is time management. He has to make sure that everything is working according to schedule and the shifts have adequate members of staff. If the staff members are too many or too few, it is upon the shift manager to take steps towards increasing or reducing their numbers.

Bruegger’s shift manager’s salary: $15 to 17 per hour

  • Bruegger’s Store Manager Job Description

The store manager ensures that the stores are well secured. He makes sure all the necessities of the restaurant are supplied by keeping the supplies of the store up to par. He has to work according to the budget since the restaurant has to be kept profitable. The store manager looks for external suppliers and contacts them when he needs supplies for the store. He makes sure he has saved money for the restaurant by buying things in bulk. The store manager hires and fires store clerks and trains new ones in record keeping and time management.

Bruegger’s store manager’s salary: $12-15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

Bruegger’s has openings for counter employees, assistant and general manager and baker. These positions require you to have be responsible and work as part of a larger team. They require one to have the experience and skills of working in a restaurant. Responsibilities differ depending on the kind of job you opt for.

Bruegger’s Job Application Form Online

Here are the requirements needed for a job as a baker:
For those interested in management, here are the requirements:

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