Burberry Ltd.

by Publishing Team on January 12, 2011

Burberry Ltd. Job Description

Established in 1856, Burberry is a luxury brand with a particular sensitivity and global recognition. Based in London and currently listed on the London Stock Exchange. Burberry continues to make new breakthroughs for growth and improvement.

Burberry Ltd. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assistant General Manager

The Assistant General Manager responds to the recruitment, training and staff development and performance management; must complete successful recruitment, on-boarding and training to create a luxury store; be familiar with competitive trade to understand the market and effectively utilize it; create and maintain a team environment; to establish a contact, make an additional monthly sessions with staff aside from weekly meetings; express to executive management and submit reports to the Director General to implement sales and lead training initiatives; check and control policies / procedures on a regular basis and ensure that all the staff follow it; provide feedback on course and formal pointers based on observations; share your observations and follow-up of GM; process payroll EZ conservation programs of the workforce and ensure staff adhere to policies and procedures and provide timely assistance; and responsible for the maintenance and organization of daily data, banking, communications and meetings with external suppliers that provide services in stock.

Assistant General Manager Salary: $50,000.00

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

The Business Intelligence Analyst should develop skill on all the software for the collection of internal data and business intelligence solutions (SAP, Building, Prodco, etc.); develop an understanding of how the information is pertinent for departments and individual Burberry business; employ data demographic research and market intelligence to relate to retail business burberry (ArcGIS); understand the key indicators of our business and develop new indicators that facilitates evaluation of our company; apply statistical analysis / business intelligence techniques (using ArcGIS software as a primary tool) to identify trends and opportunities; extract to analyze and present data visually striking and easily comprehensible to management and various departments; and create periodic presentations on intelligence / insights to senior management.

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary: $80,000.00

  • General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for recruiting, training and general employee development and performance management; develop and effectively recruit candidates for promotion to business needs; create, deploy and manage all sales and training initiatives; implement and review store policies / procedures on a regular basis and ensure that staff comply with it; observe staff sales area and their interactions with customers and employees; fixes problems in climbing a partnership with the Regional Manager; provide training to new recruits and offers refresher courses and specialized training that is necessary for sales associates; identify and implement training to increase overall score; manage and conduct training modules at all levels in the store; implement and manage all sales and training initiatives; analyze reports to identify gaps and opportunities; make sure that the product is high-quality to satisfy the store and customers; and responsible for all CRM software.

General Manager Salary: $85,000.00

Burberry Ltd. Job Application Form Online

Browse burberrycareers.com to electronically apply and find other job postings as well.

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