Camping World Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 4, 2011

Camping World Inc. Job Description

Camping World Inc. is America’s main through dealer and forte seller of RV and out-of-doors camping accessories and services. There are more than 8,000 first-class products offered through nationwide Super Centers, an unshakable register call center and a respected Web site. The company has full-fledged starting as a solo store in Bowling Green, KY to more than 75 Super Centers with more than 500 service bays.

Camping World Inc Duties and Responsibilities

  • Sales Manager

The Sales Manager will be assigned in running every phase of dealership operations to guarantee highest sales and productivity; directs sales employees and all sales activities; makes the best use of in-stock levels in the course of record supervision; builds up exclusive conducts to make sales during events, public activities and other local advertising opportunities; plans and manages budgets; instigate and tracks price control mechanisms; classify type merchandise drivers for merchandise presentation to improve sales; joins forces with the Merchandising and Marketing departments to boost sales; acquires and analyzes customers’ opinion to discover gaps in product lines and services; manages other units to make sure that focus stays on key business initiatives, dealership presentation, advertising implementation and every day operational price control; replicates support to momentous customer service; staffs, selects and trains employees and situate them for growth and developmental opportunities; gets hold of new ideas to further grow the business; converses and sells company initiatives, objectives and guiding principles; preserves a secure work area for customers and coworkers; and acts upon other diverse duties as assigned.

Sales Manager Salary: $48,000.00

  • Sales Associate

The Sales Associate collects fees from customers for the acquiring of products; runs a money register and manages money to no variances; provides service to customers; processes customer sales to comprise accommodating payment, packs products and issues total admission money and change; preserves the look of store which may take in stocking and performing common maintenance duties; offers a variety of sales incentives; possibly will answer phones and provide help; keeps a safe and sound environment area for customers and coworkers; and acts upon other assorted duties as assigned.

Sales Associate Salary: $9.00 per hour

  • Recruiter

The Recruiter put into practice original recruiting approaches; find out and deal with input sources to get feasible candidates through straight sourcing, associations, colleges, web-based media, agencies, etc.; work with hiring managers to grow a hunt strategy for open positions; employ students at different university levels by participating in and conducting campus job fairs, information sessions and other recruiting events; carry out resume screening, resume allocation, and track candidates in ATS; report on with hiring managers and candidates as needed; make sure information is confined and recorded in applicant tracking file; skill to increase and uphold a reliable system and group of capable candidates for firm to seal positions; bear information breakdown and key metrics for preservation and multiplicity; and acts upon other various duties as assigned.

Recruiter Salary: $35,000.00

Camping World Inc. Job Application Form Online

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