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Established: 1867
Employees: 72,000
HQ: Ottawa, Ontario
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Canada Post Job Description

More simply known as Canada Post, Canada Post Corporation is the Canadian crown corporation that serves as the major postal operator in Canada. Founded in 1867 and headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Post is formerly known as Post Office of the Government of Canada, and went back to its original name in 1960, and went back again to its present name on October 16,1981 when the Canada Post Corporation Act was implemented.

Canada Post Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Canada Post Letter Carrier Job Description

A Letter carrier is responsible in bundling mails preparing it for delivery. He or she delivers mails to residential and business establishments with the specified routes provided by the sender. He or she also holds mail for customers who are away in the specified locations. He or she should also a computer literate, since he or she will be entering change of address orders that process forwarding address stickers. Other responsibilities of a letter carrier includes returning erroneous or incorrectly addressed mail to the senders, records address changes and redirecting it for those changed addresses.

Canada Post Letter Carrier Job Hourly Salary: 23.31 CAD/hour

  • Canada Post Retail Postal Clerk Job Description

A Postal Clerk is either the one manned in the counter of the front desk of the post office or the one processing mails for delivery. He or she examines mail for correct postages. He or she also records daily transactions and receives payments from customers or senders.

Canada Post Retail Postal Clerk Job Salary: 41,667 CAD

  • Canada Post Supervisor Job Description

The main responsibility of a Supervisor is to supervise. He or she should be familiar with the current job descriptions of employees who report to him or her. He or she also checks documentations about each employee’s performances as supervised. He or she will be evaluating these performances for quality assurance purposes. He or she is also the one approving and signing monthly time and attendance records, and time off. He or she is the one assigning certain duties and responsibilities to the employees and explains how the assigned job is done. HE or she trains and orients employees especially the new ones covering the job description, duties and responsibilities.

Canada Post Supervisor Job Salary: 57,682 CAD

  • Canada Post Administrative Assistant Job Description

An Administrative Assistant is the one providing service and assistance to the department executive or a top executive in the company. He or she does some research works, preparing presentations and preparing for directors’ meetings. He or she also sorts mails and memos, and attends visiting people in the office. He or she maintains and creates office documents like reports, invoices, data sheets and other paper works.

Canada Post Administrative Assistant Job Salary: 41,000 CAD

  • Canada Post Industrial Engineer Job Description

An Industrial Engineer is professional in the field of applying mathematical and statistical procedures determining manufacturing processes, production standards and staff requirements. He or she coordinates activities and quality control to resolve problems in production maximize product reliability and minimize cost. He or she formulates sampling procedures to develop forms and instructions in recording and evaluating processes. And he or she also analyzes statistical data and product specifications to determine standards and establish reliability and quality objectives of the finished products.

Canada Post Industrial Engineer Job Salary: 69,000 CAD

  • Canada Post Mail Service Courier Job Description

A Mail Courier is the one ensuring the safety of the delivery and collection of parcels of letters and packages. He or she (preferably male) is often required to deliver mails and packages through a van. He or she then delivers the package and let the recipient sign the delivery receipt.

Canada Post Mail Service Courier Job Hourly Salary: 22 CAD/hour

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