Caribou Coffee

by Publishing Team on October 11, 2010

Caribou Coffee Job Description

Caribou Coffee’s chain of restaurants is known for their specialty coffees, espressos, smoothies, and most of all, their highly efficient and friendly employees. With the continuous training the employees are encouraged to succeed in this industry. The company is known for its huge number of independent workers and a majority of them started out as a team member serving specialty coffees. Most of the skills their employees acquired were from the continuous training the company provides so they will exceed all customer expectations while learning financial training at the same time.

  • Caribou Coffee Team Member Job Description

As a team member at Caribou Coffee the main responsibility is engaging with the customer. They will greet the customer as soon as they enter the store, strike up conversations with customers, answer all questions about the product, learn each guest by their name, take orders and deliver them, all paperwork at the end of the shift, and balance the cash drawer. The team member will keep all areas clean at all times, make sure there is plenty of stock on the floor for the beverages, make all the different beverages for the guests.

Caribou Coffee Team Member Hourly Salary: $8.21

  • Caribou Coffee Shift Supervisor Job Description

As a shift supervisor he or she will shape the team so they are outstanding in their customer service skills. They will also work as a team member, encourage the team to be friendly and fast, keeps store clean at all times, checks periodically that all machines are functioning properly, helps with interviewing employees, trains new staff, and reports all matters to the manager.

Caribou Coffee Shift Supervisor Hourly Salary: $9.09

  • Caribou Coffee Store Manager Job Description

Managerial jobs at Caribou Coffee include responsibilities of exceeding and meeting all sales goals. They will hire and train staff, handle vendors as supplies are brought in, daily coaching of the staff, giving feedback daily to the staff, spending time with guests as well as the staff, maintaining cleanliness at all times, making sure all products are top-quality and delivered in a timely manner. A store manager will balance books daily, make bank deposits, and be a problem solver for handling any problems that arise in a moments notice. They must strictly implement the company’s safety procedure.

Caribou Coffee Store Manager Salary: $37,050

  • Caribou Coffee Barista Job Description

As a Barista, he or she will have responsibilities such as greeting customers, making all drinks and delivering them in under 3 minutes, answering all questions about the beverages, be able to operate all machines including the espresso and video screen, do everything within the standards of five stars, know all the formulas of the beverages. In between customers they will clean all areas and maintain the cleanliness.

Caribou Coffee Barista Hourly Salary: $8.15

  • Some Other Positions

Other job positions at Caribou Coffee include being a district manager whose main job responsibility is train managers to exceed all guest expectations. They will be active in all training sessions with all staff, schedule store meetings monthly, be required to follow up on all complaints, perform audits on the stores, and makes sure the store is following all standards that the company has implemented.

Caribou Coffee Job Application Form Online

Caribou Coffee’s official website allows users to browse for different available career opportunities and job positions at the different locations. The website link provides a comprehensive database for every available job position.

At applicants can easily look and apply for whatever job position in the city near them as long as they meet all qualifications.

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anonymous January 3, 2011 at 7:52 am

WOW think its funny what they say about how much u get paid ive been a shift for 3 years and i dont even make average what they say. Not only that, but im working 8 plus hour shifts with no breaks and closing and expected to OPEN the next day. Ok Caribou….Good job…reallly?


anonymous January 27, 2011 at 7:00 am

Caribou does NOT give breaks to their employers and I find it to be absolutely ridiculous and dishonest. On top of that, management treatment is horrible.


anonymous February 2, 2011 at 11:42 pm

I love working at my store, my manager is very flexible and my coworkers and I get along very well.


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