Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café

by Publishing Team on October 25, 2010

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café Job Description

The unique style of service of Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café creates an undisputable credibility among its customers. All staffs working here are professionals and know how to satisfy different types of customers in the exact manner. All staff before resuming duty go for a training session of few months. Carlos O’Kelly Mexican Café always keeps its promises by providing best services to its customers. And, the contribution of its staff in this direction is praiseworthy.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café Job Positions and Duties

  • Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café store manager job description

From the name of the post, it is clear that the main function of a store manager is to manage the store. Prime duty of a store manager is to make sure that the restaurant is well supplied and surplus items are kept for the clients if there is an emergency. He is responsible for ensuring the safety, security and customer treatment policies of the café are met according to the desired standard. He also gives training to the other employees like the kitchen and restaurant managers and personnel engaged in junior level of store management. Since the working atmosphere of the managers is fast and have a higher pace, they are expected to handle the stress and pressures without hampering the brand value and reputation of the restaurant. As a team leader, he must have the ability to take right and quick decision and also ability to work with a team. The store manager has the capacity to hire and fire store clerks He is supposed to be a natural leader with multitasking skill sets.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café store manager salary: $10 per hour

  • Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café cook’s job description

The main job for a cook is to ensure that the hygienic condition of the food is maintained at all costs. He is the leader of cooking team and all other staff work according to his guidance. The cook is expected to be a natural leader, capable of predicting the supply and demand of basic items and making sure that necessary steps are taken to counter any urgency effectively. He is free to decide the price per meal and will plan meals in case the restaurant has to cater for a private event. As a cook, he or she is also responsible for the packaging of the food, so that the taste and flavor remains intact till the food is served. It is the duty of the chef cook to ensure that the prepared foods are best in quality and quantity and also meet the company’s quality standards. Other responsibilities of the head cook include ordering supplies, assigning duties to support staffs and maintaining a healthy relationship among coworkers.

  • Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Maitre d’ job description

These professionals are groomed with a pleasant personality. They are the first-line-of contact for guests when they enter the restaurant. Their main job is to guide the visitors to different places within the restaurant and fulfill their requirements. In Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican, any Maitre d’ is always ready to greet you with a cheering face. They are here to solve your entire problem related food quality or any other matter. In Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican the hosts have ability to understand the customer demand in the exact manner. These hosts make sure that all the rooms remain clean and at some time they take the responsibility of taking care of the babies of the visitors. In a nut-shell, they work as the care taker of the customers and image builder of the company.

In Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Maitre d’ get a per hour salary of $8.52

  • Some other positions

Different posts including crew members, managers and outdoor serviceman are also available at Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Café. You must have a required degree to apply for the post. One should expect to have a normal 8 hour shift per day in five days of the week. The 401(K) compensation plan has been implemented for all the employees and this comes with dental and medical insurance for all the dependants of the employees.

Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Application Form Online

Anyone interested in working for this company can make an application in the official website of the company. The official link is
You can find online application from and can also fill it online.

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