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Carquest Job Description

Carquest is a known distributor of car parts and accessories for local and domestic car types as well as for light and heavy duty trucks. Their sales also includes off road equipment, recreational vehicle and agricultural equipment and bus equipment. Seeking to serve customers with quality, Carquest hires employees that are also dedicated to service for its 3,400 stores and 40 distribution centers.

Carquest Job Positions and Duties

  • Carquest Senior Programmer Analyst Job Description

As a Senior Programmer Analyst your job is to maintain the system software by testing, modifying, and improving it. You should be able to debug vendor supplied utilities and packages as well as prepare and install a technical documentation program for the system. A senior programmer Analyst must be able to adapt to fast pace changes to be a competent programmer and performs his duties including coding and programming.

Carquest Senior Programmer Analyst Salary Range: $78, 000- 84, 000

  • Carquest Store Manager Job Description

A Store Manager takes care of the store’s day to day operation seeing to it that the store assets are well maintained. He/she make sure that the customer will be properly given service because part of his/her responsibility is to hire people that are suitable enough for the job.

Best Buy Department Supervisor Carquest Store Manager Salary: $37,333

  • Carquest Auto Parts Handler Job Description

An Auto Parts Handler takes care of stocks and supplies in a distribution center. He/she must be able to organize these supplies in the distribution center or on a truck as it is released for distribution to the stores. He/she must possess proper work ethics and a desire for personal growth as an employee.

Carquest Auto Parts Handler Houly Salary: $11.31

  • Carquest Retail Sales Representative Job Description

A Sales Representative’s primary goal is to increase the sales and profitability of the store. He/she interact and render service to existing customers and convince prospective buyers to purchase the store product.

Carquest Retail Sales Representative Salary: $23,341

  • Carquest Delivery Teammate Job Description

The Delivery teammate is responsible of bringing the purchased item of a customer right to their door step. He/ she is expected to do this with all respect and courtesy he/ she could muster. The delivery teammate may also receive retail parts delivery and maintain store retail display area.

Carquest delivery Teammate Hourly Salary: $7.97

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anonymous February 4, 2011 at 5:39 pm

worse place to work. Told them about another employee taking money they did nothing. She now has embezzled 40,000.00 from that store. Did not believe me so I left as my drawer was coming up short. Manager was told by district manager and an auditor that we were to work out of our own drawers. Did not follow through with that direct order. Was also harrassed on a daily basis by the employee stealing and nothing was done until I left. I would not suggest anyone work here. Why is that manager still working at that store. By not following the direct order to make everyone work out of their own drawer he enabled this to happen and cost the company not only 40,000.00 but their reputation. Worked every Saturday for years, and opened and closed. Brian Fox only worked a minimum of 20 hours a week when I was there, but collected his paycheck for the whole week.


anonymous February 4, 2011 at 5:45 pm

The embezzlement in the Burlington Iowa store was preventable had they believed an employee whose drawer was coming up short in August 2008. They did not so that employee quit and the same employee who was taking out of this employees drawer has been charged with embezzling 40,000.00 dollars. It took them over 20 months to prove yet an auditior was told of this in August 2008 also and no checks and balances were put into place this would have been preventable. So who let the ball drop. The manager who did not follow the direct order from his regional manager and the auditor.


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