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Carvel Job Description

Carvel is a quick service ice cream restaurant that is also mainly a regional business that caters to a high volume market. At present, Carvel has over 530 retail franchises employing several thousand employees. Its current expansion resulted in the company to look for more highly skilled individuals to hire as part of its continuously growing workforce.

Carvel Job Positions and Duties

  • Carvel Restaurant Manager Job Description

Restaurant Managers at Carvel take turns in accomplishing three distinct roles in running the operation for the company. Upon completing the company’s Manager In-Training Program, Senior Restaurant Managers at Carvel take the role as leaders in providing excellent customer service, directing the culinary department of the restaurant, and achieving the sales objective of the company. At Carvel, managers need to master all the key aspect operating the business which is also part of their career development. Restaurant Managers also need to direct operational excellence, hire and train quality employees, and achieve the overall objectives of the restaurant in building sales and providing the highest quality of customer service in the industry.

Carvel Restaurant Manager Salary: $48,907

  • Carvel Server Job Description

The chief responsibility of Servers at Carvel is to take orders and serve them to customers while ensuring that all the primary requirements of every customer are accommodated. Servers at Carvel must make sure that all the operating standards of the restaurant when it comes to food handling and preparation are observed all throughout their shift. Servers are also required to provide suggestions to customers when ordering their food or beverages and they must implement the one hundred percent customer service satisfaction. Apart from customer service, Servers must also be able to relay all food orders to the kitchen in a very efficient manner to make sure that every food order is processed accordingly.

Carvel Server Hourly Salary: $8.00

  • Carvel Cake Decorator Job Description

As a Cake Decorator at Carvel, your main job responsibility is to prepare and organize all the equipment and supplies that will be needed during your shift. Aside from decorating ice cream cakes, it is also your duty to keep your workstation clean at all times. The company takes pride in keeping a high standard for sanitation and product quality so it will be your responsibility to ensure that the products that come out your station are according to the specification of the company. You also need to maintain the brand quality based on the standard operating procedures of Carvel.

Carvel Cake Decorator Hourly Salary: $8.00

  • Carvel Team Member Job Description

Being a team member for Carvel is a very exciting and challenging job. Among the key responsibility is to ensure that every guest is satisfied and pleased with their experience. They are also expected to consistently serve quality ice cream and other food products being offered by the company to every customer and participate in the team effort to make sure that guests are served as quickly as possible. They must also maintain quality standards when it comes to handling and preparing ice creams. Team members must also be able to describe and assemble promoted products and or beverages in accordance to the ongoing marketing promotion.

Carvel Team Member Hourly Salary: $5.43

  • Carvel Assistant Manager Job Description

An Assistant Manager job position at Carvel provide an excellent training ground for those who are planning to become a successful restaurant manager. Assistant Managers report to the Restaurant Manager and shares similar job responsibilities. They are assigned to train newly hired crew members and must know how to perform all the basic job responsibilities at the store. This includes monitoring and adjusting product display in accordance to the company’s merchandising and product appearance standards. They must also guard the security and safety of each of the crew members as well as the customers by proactively recognizing and dealing with the opportunities.

Carvel Assistant Manager Salary: $38,500

Carvel Online Job Application Form Online

To learn more of the company’s ongoing recruitment activities, visit the company’s official website at You can browse the site’s career page to find out the available job positions as well as to know the benefits and compensation they offer to their employees.

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