Casual Male Retail Group, Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 3, 2011

Casual Male Retail Group, Inc. Job Description

Casual Male Retail Group Inc. is the biggest line vendor of big & tall men’s clothing with retail businesses all the way through the United States and England. Casual Male Retail Group Inc. operates just about five hundred retail stores which comprises of Casual Male XL retail and outlet stores, Rochester Big & Tall stores, Hybrid stores and an express to customer business as well as catalog and e-commerce sites for B & T Factory Direct,, and Casual Male Retail Group Inc. is located in Massachusetts and its general supply is programmed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market in the symbol “CMRG.”

Casual Male Retail Group, Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Sales Associate

The Sales Associate is dependable for producing sales, retailing, functioning, failure avoiding and observance to every one of company’s guiding principles and measures at a men’s field of clothing store; most important profession role is to make the most of sales by serving customers accomplish their craving to purchase; facilitates as a component of the store group in executing and sustaining operational activities that make sales; meets or goes above targeted sales goals; goes in front as a model, ensuring each customer is given a helpful brand experience; constructs interactions with the customers and the public to guarantee an extensive period of business growth; keeps store image and operational principles to boost the customer shopping experience; supports far above the ground principles of association and sanitation of store; acts in accordance with rules and measures in every part of store operations including Customer Service, Human Resources, and Loss Prevention and Safety; and reports to Store Manager.

Sales Associate’s Salary: $15,000.00-$20,000.00

  • Tailor

The Tailor is in charge for upholding the better-quality customer service in men’s tailored clothing and appearance standards; main work task is to carry out thorough functions from fitting garments to needle working machine preservation; works as an affiliate of the high-end men’s line clothing store team in supporting operational actions that cause sales; executes and or supervises every revision according to fitting qualifications within customer time framework; is in charge in setting up fitting blocks for clothes; is in charge for recording individual efficiency; responsible for maintaining sewing machines; acts as an example, ensuring every customer receives a constructive brand experience; put up relationships with the customers and the people to ensure long term business growth; maintains store image and management standards to improve the customer’s shopping experience; supports high standards of organization and cleanliness of store; and reports to a Store Manager.

Tailor’s Salary: $20,000.00-$30,000.00

Casual Male Retail Group, Inc. Job Application Form Online

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