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by Publishing Team on February 21, 2011

CBRL Group Job Description

CBRL Group or also known as Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is a group holding of different flagship restaurants. Their restaurants are pretty well-known for their country style, rustic decoration and home-made-style cooking. They serve in 40 countries mostly targeting hungry travelers offering variety of roast beef, chicken, and ham.

CBRL Group Job Positions and Descriptions

  • CBRL Group Associate Manager Job Description

An Associate Manager is responsible in overseeing clerical and support workers. He or she executes administrative tasks in the company office. He or she hires and trains new office staff in tasks like greeting visitors, answering phone calls, faxing documents, typing reports and other office works. He or she also monitors her staff, takes notes during meeting and schedules tasks.

CBRL Group Associate Manager Job Salary: $47,106

  • CBRL Group Server Job Description

Server is the one who serves dishes and drinks ordered by the customers. He or she should possess a speed and accuracy in delivering the orders to the customer table. He or she ensures the orders are delivered safe and neat.

CBRL Group Server Job Hourly Salary: $2.73/hour

  • CBRL Group Cashier Job Description

Cashier is the one responsible in the processing of customer payments either cash, check or credit card. He or she secures the cash register is safe, and keeps important records like receipts.

CBRL Group Cashier Job Hourly Salary: $8.12/hour

  • CBRL Group Line Cook Job Description

A Line Cook is a food preparation crew who prepares the ingredients for a particular recipe. He or she works under a chef or cook, and follows the preparation of the ingredients to be used in cooking the dish.

CBRL Group Lin Cook Job Hourly Salary: $10.01/hour

  • CBRL Group Prep Cook Job Description

Prep Cook is short for Preparation Cook, and is an entry-level job for cooks. He or she does all the preparations of the ingredients to be cooked. He or she does not do the cooking; instead, he or she prepares the meat, the fish, vegetables, spices, ingredients, pre-heats the oven and prepares cooking utensils to be used. Prep cook usually work in a team and works under a head cook, chef or grill cook.

CBRL Group Prep Cook Job Hourly Salary: $8.4/hour

  • CBRL Group Hostess Job Description

Hostess can be compared to a concierge or a sales associate in a store. She makes sure the customers dining are pleasantly served. She also makes sure everything is neat and tidy. She maintains housekeeping and ambiance of the dining area. She welcomes and greets the customers while entering the dining premise, and introduces them to the menu, and suggests to them the specialty dish of the restaurant.

CBRL Group Hostess Job Salary: $8.18/hour

  • CBRL Group Grill Cook Job Description

Grill Cook is a cook specialized in cooking grilled dishes. To be a grilled cook, one should have a culinary degree or certificate of recognition that he or she has an experience in grill cooking. He or she may also be tasked in the preparation of the meat or fish to be grilled, marinating, and other grill-cooking preparations. He or she also maintains the house-keeping and cleanliness of the grill area.

CBRL Group Grill Cook Job Hourly Salary: $10.61/hour

CBRL Group Career Opportunities Online

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