Charming Shoppes Inc.

by Publishing Team on December 8, 2010

Charming Shoppes Inc. Job Description

Charming Shoppes is a plus size clothing company based in Pennsylvania, US. It stared in the 70’s selling clothes from over 2300 stores subsidising Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug and Catherines; all caters to women’s fashion apparel with plus-size specialty. Catherines targets women ages 40-65 years and offers classic styles that would fit career and casual lifestyle.

Charming Shoppes Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Full Time Sales Leader

Lane Bryant, one of the recognized names in clothing lines, needs Full Time Sales Leader with high experience in customer relations ensuring that customers will keep coming back. The candidate must be responsible in giving emphasis on fashion service through exceptional customer satisfaction and must be able to lead the team towards higher level of achievement and development of the store.

Full Time sales Leader: Salary $49,000.00

  • Manager – Development & Training

This position will be responsible for developing, implementing and managing the organizational curriculum of the company. He/she must develop modules that would determine inventory and assessment of training; implement change in the activities of the management if necessary and must develop core training modules to attain organizational developments.

Manager – Development & Training: Salary $30,000.00 – $53,000.00

  • Senior Manager Benefits

The Senior Manager Benefits will evaluate, develop and administer plan designs of the organization regarding program compliance that has an impact for the thousands of associates. He/she must determine effectiveness of current programs executed by the company; participate in discussions to maintain current market trends. The candidate will also participate in budget reviews and monitor financial performance of benefits plans.

Senior Manager Benefits: Salary $81,000.00

  • Ecommerce Project Coordinator

The Ecommerce Project Coordinator will lead a team that will enhance growth, sales and profitability through the ecommerce; provide answers to issues that have impact the websites which includes search, inventory and pricing issues. The candidate must support the project managers and work with the team on creation of ecommerce projects; must be responsible to create, organize and review processes for operational improvement.

Ecommerce Project Coordinator: Salary $54,000.00

  • Assistant Import Customs Manager

The candidate will determine proper classification of goods directly imported by the company and its divisions; must have precise knowledge in application of Other Government Agency (OGA) regulations; must maintain proper back up documentation to support goods classifications. The position must ensure to proper entry classifications of all goods to perfectly respond to the rules and regulations of the US Customs.

Assistant Import Customs Manager: Salary $31,000.00

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