Chart House Restaurant

by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Chart House Restaurant Job Description

Chart House Restaurant is one of Landry’s chain of restaurants focused on providing casual and specialty dining experience for guests. With the growing market demand, Chart House Restaurant is in need of highly qualified personnel to become part of its team in providing excellent customer service and quality dining experience.

Chart House Restaurant Job Positions and Duties

  • Chart House Restaurant Sous Chef Job Description

Sous Chef at Chart House restaurant assists with the daily kitchen operations and provides professional guidance and direction to all kitchen personnel. They also need to ensure that all recipes, food prep, and its presentations must meet the restaurant’s provisions and commitment to offer the highest quality of food and service. Sous Chef must also make sure to maintain a safe, systematic and sanitized kitchen. In addition to that, Sous Chef also needs to make sure that every station is well stocked on or before a meal. They also need to verify that every kitchen staff must follow all recipes and portions of serving according to the specification of the menu.

Chart House Restaurant Sous Chef Salary: $44,000

  • Chart House Restaurant Server Job Description

Servers at Chart House Restaurant must serve all guests promptly, efficiently, and with comprehensive knowledge of food and beverage menus offered by the restaurant. Servers at Chart House Restaurant must also make sure that they will offer superior customer service as well as to maintain their station in a clean and orderly manner throughout their shifts. Additional duties include greeting and acknowledging guests upon their arrival, accurately take all orders, and above all, they must effectively merchandise food and beverage menus in a very informative and enthusiastic manner while being polite at all times.

Chart House Restaurant Server Monthly Salary: $1,910

  • Chart House Restaurant General Manager Job Description

General Managers at Chart House Restaurant are basically responsible for maintaining the sustained success and development of the restaurant measure by the volume of the store’s total revenue as well as the net income in relation to the company’s goals and sales objectives. General Managers are responsible for maintaining all aspects of the restaurant’s operation including purchasing of food and beverages, implementing quality and cost control, kitchen production, ensure employee’s productivity, manage and train the work staff according to the company’s standards in operation and or production. Above all, General Managers need to execute the company’s marketing plan and make sure that it will have the expected results as planned.

Chart House Restaurant General Manager Salary: $61,000

  • Chart House Restaurant Floor Manager Job Description

Floor Managers at Chart House Restaurant are expected to provide a hundred percent managerial support to the restaurant’s general manager and must also be equally committed with regards to implementing store policies, marketing strategies, operating procedures, customer service, staff training and development, and the determination in achieving the budgeted goals and profit growth. Floor Managers also have to assume the role as a Training Manager and during the absence of the General Manager, he or she will also have to be responsible for the entire operation of the restaurant. Floor Managers are also expected to have the proficiency in supervising and managing operations to attain the targeted goals for food and beverage costs as well as in providing support when it comes to food handling, waste control, and setting sales forecasting.

Chart House Restaurant Floor Manager Salary: $47,523

  • Some Other Job Positions

Other job positions at Chart House Restaurant include Senior Financial Analyst and Accounting Assistant. They are basically involved in the company’s finances and are mostly based at the corporate headquarters. Chart House Restaurant also offers Kitchen Manager position for those with the right qualifications to work in this position.

Chart House Restaurant Job Application Form Online

To know more about the career opportunities, compensation, and employees’ benefits at Palm Restaurant, you can visit the company’s official website at where you can browse for other information you may need to consider when applying at the company. Online application form is also available at

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