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by Publishing Team on January 25, 2011

Chrysler Financial Job Description

Chrysler Financial formerly part of Chrysler LLC and was formerly known as Chrysler First Financial Services Corporation is a privately held financial services provider. Headquartered in Farmington, Michigan, this financial services company supports financial products and services both dealers and consumers of Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles in United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Mexico. With a global contract of $75 billion as of 2007, Chrysler was a home of 3,600 employees. But last year, Toronto-Dominion Bank announced the acquisition of Chrysler Financial for 46.3 Billion from private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management.

Chrysler Financial Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Chrysler Financial Collector Job Description

A Collector is the one collecting the debtors of their unpaid debts. He or she discusses with the debtor of the terms of the money owed and payment terms. He or she reminds the debtor of the contract conditions of the debt.

Chrysler Financial Collector Job Salary: $33,000

  • Chrysler Financial Lease Maturity Advisor Job Description

When a contract of a debtor with his owed money from Chrysler Financial is about to end, a Lease Maturity Adviser is going to intervene. He or she advises the debtor of his or her terms of payment for the said loan. He or she is also the one giving options to the debtor of some possible collateral when the loan is not paid. He or she negotiates and ensure the clients are satisfied with the terms and the debt is paid.

Chrysler Financial Lease Maturity Advisor Job Salary: $41,333

  • Chrysler Financial Credit Analyst Job Description

A Credit Analyst is the one analyzing the payment habit of a lending client. He or she recommends actions to the account like closing the account if delinquent in payment or an increase of loan and credit limit if timely in payment. He or she also interviews the clients in person or by phone to investigate and verify complaints, accuracy of charges or correct errors in the accounts.

Chrysler Financial Credit Analyst Job Salary: $58,833

  • Chrysler Financial Collections Job Description

Collection Personnel is assigned in the administrative task of keeping records of debtors and clients with pending and unsettled accounts. He or she may investigate the nature of the account and locate for the location of the debtor when necessary. He or she then forwards important data to the collector in order to negotiate the terms of payment for the said account.

Chrysler Financial Collections Job Salary: $35,889

  • Chrysler Financial Manager Job Description

As a Financial Manager, he or she is responsible in all financial operations in the company. He or she analyze and develop information to assess current and future financial status of the company. He or she also establishes procedures for controlling of assets, loan collateral, records and securities in order to secure safekeeping. He or she is responsible in overseeing the cash flow and financial instruments of the company. He or she also prepares risk and operational reports for analysis management. He or she also prepares regulatory and financial reports as required by laws, board of directors and regulations.

Chrysler Financial Manager Job Salary: $63,333

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