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by Publishing Team on November 9, 2010

Church’s Chicken Job Description

Church’s Chicken is a chain of fast food chicken restaurants with more than 1,500 company own and franchised outlets. Church’s Chicken is scattered around thirty states and almost a dozen countries. The menu of Church’s Chicken mostly centers on Southern style chicken featuring excellent side dishes like mashed potatoes. Fried okra and Jalapeno cheese bombers among many others. With its ongoing expansion, Church’s Chicken is looking for qualified individuals to fill job positions both in managerial and operational level.

Church’s Chicken Job Positions and Duties

  • Church’s Chicken Administrative Assistant Job Description

The Administrative Assistant position at Church’s Chicken is a temporary job for twelve to eighteen months at most with the main responsibility of managing data entry using Arrow stream. Administrative Assistants must have comprehensive knowledge in using this particular software in order to capture sales and other key information through live feeds from various distribution centers. Included in his or her duties are assisting in reorganization of distribution network before the year end, coordinating communication between all team members including suppliers, franchisees, distribution centers and the field personnel. Administrative assistants must also collect and implement information as directed by the management.

Church’s Chicken Administrative Assistant Hourly Salary: $10.33

  • Church’s Chicken Restaurant General Manager Job Description

Applicants for Restaurant General Manager position at Church’s Chicken must ensure that all customers will experience a hundred percent customer service satisfaction by ensuring that all products are served hot, fresh, and delicious. RGMs must also manage the store’s Profit and Loss by implementing the company’s cash control guidelines, efficiently managing the labor and the store’s inventory, while being able to make proper adjustments when the situation calls for it. Other additional responsibilities include hiring, interviewing, and evaluating store staff and aspiring applicants who want to part of the working team of the company.

Church’s Chicken Restaurant General Manager Salary: $47,000

  • Church’s Chicken Assistant Restaurant General Manager Job Description

As an Assistant Restaurant General Manager at Church’s Chicken, you are an important part of the team. Your main duty is to provide support in order for the restaurant to be able to drive the success of the entire business. Other responsibilities include ensuring that all customers will have an excellent experience when dining at the restaurant by making sure that all products that are served are hot, fresh, and delicious according to the company’s standards. Assistant RGMs also need to supervise and coach the Team as well as the Shift Leaders to ensure that the standards of the company are being maintained.

Church’s Chicken Assistant RGM Salary: $38,000

  • Church’s Chicken Crew Member Job Description

As a Crew Member at Church’s chicken, the main job responsibility is to serve and interact with customers with one hundred percent customer service satisfaction in mind. Crew Members at Church’s Chicken are basically in the front line since they will be the one welcoming and serving the customers. Crew Members can be assigned in the dining area or in the kitchen depending on the judgment of the Restaurant General Manager or the Assistant RGM and the skills of the person. Church’s Chicken provides the initial training for new applicants so there’s no need to worry if you want to apply but you have no prior experience in the food industry. As long as you have the right attitude and you are at least sixteen years of age, you can qualify for a Crew Member position at Church’s Chicken.

Church’s Chicken Crew Member Hourly Salary: $7.03/hr

  • Church’s Chicken Shift Manager Job Description

If you are planning to pursue a managerial career in the future, you can consider starting your professional career as a Shift Manager at Church’s Chicken. This position will allow you to develop your skills and knowledge in management while still having enough free time to do the other things you love doing. If you are still pursuing your education, Shift Manager Position is the best way to start a career in business management. Church’s Chicken offers comprehensive training and various career opportunities while rewarding those who are able to perform their jobs excellently. The basic requirements to qualify for the position is that applicants must be at least 18 years old, highly reliable, can work with minimal supervision, and have the desire to improve in his or her chosen field.

Church’s Chicken Shift Manager Salary: $18,000

Church’s Chicken Job Application Form Online

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