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by Publishing Team on October 19, 2010

CiCi’s Pizza’s Job Description

CiCi’s Pizza’s is known for its quality pizzas and excellent service. This is an ideal place where an individual can spend time sitting alone or with his/her family and friends. The company has certain growth targets which see them opening more than 50 new stores in the next five years which make them one of the best employers in the hotel chain industry. Many individuals who have worked in CiCi’s have grown in their career and have stepped up the ladder sooner than they expected. The company provides excellent training programs and pay, along with great benefits for its employees.

CiCi’s Pizza’s Job Positions and Duties

  • CiCi’s Pizza’s Restaurant Manager Job Description

The main responsibilities of CiCi’s Pizza’s restaurant manager would be to look after the restaurant’s day-to-day operations according to company policies. It includes managing and looking after the employees, managing profit-loss statements, managing house staff and kitchen staff, and to make sure that the restaurant functions smoothly without any problems.

His/her work activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Look after the employee’s well being
  • Supervise the table layout
  • Receive complaints from guests and solve them
  • Budget events like parties
  • Set the menu items and their prices
  • Remove items from the menu which are not well accepted by customers
  • Manage the entire finance of the restaurant
  • Inform the chef on special requests from guests
  • Recruit and train new staff

CiCi’s Pizza’s Restaurant Manager Yearly Salary: $38,000

  • CiCi’s Pizza’s Cashier Job Description

As a cashier in CiCi’s Pizza, an individual will have to take and give out orders to the kitchen staff. He/she will have to be quick and efficient in communicating with crew members and kitchen staff to make sure the guests get their orders on time. Female candidates suit this role as they are more patient and tolerant with guest. A cashier will have to balance their cash drawers, listen and solve customer queries, and replace food if necessary. The individual has to be an ideal team player as this is a very fast paced and strenuous job, which requires him/her to be in the good books of everyone, including the guests.

CiCi’s Pizza’s Cashier Hourly Salary: NA

  • CiCi’s Pizza’s Crew Member Job Description

A crew member in CiCi’s Pizza will have to perform tasks like taking the order from the customer and making sure he/she delivers the order on time. The crew member needs to be on good terms with everybody present in the restaurant like the chef, manager, and cashier, so that the customer isn’t kept waiting. The individual will have to maintain very high levels of hygiene so that customers don’t complain about the food.

CiCi’s Pizza’s Crew Member Hourly Salary: NA

  • Some Other Positions

Other job positions at CiCi’s Pizza’s include being a store manager whose main job responsibility is to look after the store in the restaurant. He/she will need to make sure that the stock is in perfect order. The stock ranges from food items as well as utensils and equipments used in the restaurant. This also requires the store manager to hire and train new employees on how to perform their daily tasks.

CiCi’s Pizza’s Job Application Form Online

CiCi’s Pizza’s official website
, allows users to browse for available career options at different locations. The website link
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