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by Publishing Team on October 29, 2010

Circle K’s Job Description

Circle K is known for its fun, while shopping as it provides some of the best cool drinks in town. A cold drink in hand can make shopping a wonderful experience. With over 10,000 employees working for them, it is safe to say that Circle K’s is an ideal place to work. While working in Circle K, employees have a great opportunity to meet and serve customers. The company provides its employees with an exciting benefits package that has flexible scheduling, accident insurance, life insurance, part-time employment, paid vacation, medical/dental/vision, and short/long term disability.

Circle K’s Job Positions And Duties

  • Circle K’s Manager/Supervisor Job Description

A restaurant supervisor in Circle K should be able to handle and supervise the staff in all aspects of restaurant operations and service. He/she must ensure that orders are taken and delivered on time according to company standards. As a manager in Circle K, the candidate must make sure that the company goals are understood and met by the employees, able to coordinate tasks with other departments to make sure that the restaurant runs efficiently, train the newly hired staff, assists his/her subordinates on work related concerns and issues so that the productivity does not get affected, address concerns and requests made by guests, and conduct day-to-day shift operations. Most importantly, the manager must be able to handle all kinds of stress as this is a very competitive industry. Candidates those who have few years of experience in the hotel/retail chain market will be preferred over others.

Circle K’s Manager/Supervisor Hourly Salary: NA

  • Circle K’s Store Manager Job Description

A store manager at Circle K must be a very organized person who will be required to recruit and train store employees, implement employee performance evaluation plan, able to effectively provide a positive working environment, able to resolve customer problems and complaints, able to communicate and execute marketing programs, and prepare work schedules for his/her employees. A store manager must have a minimum of 5 years of hotel/retail management experience and have strong leadership skills, a flair for conceiving customers, strong interpersonal, motivational, communication and organizational skills. Usually male candidates are preferred here as they may be sometimes required to lift weight and work in shifts.

Circle K’s Store Manager Hourly Salary: NA

  • Circle K’s Customer Service Job Description

The main requirement for Circle K’s customer service job position would be that the individual must have the ability to interact with customers. He/she may be required to provide information, response to inquiries, and solve their concerns and requests. The individual will have to deal with customers directly either by telephone or face to face, respond immediately to customer inquiries, process orders and requests, keep a record of customer interactions and transactions, and communicate and coordinate with internal departments. The main requirement for this job role includes a graduate degree or equivalent, knowledge and experience in customer service principles, ability to type and product knowledge. The candidate must possess good communication skills, problem analysis, and customer service orientation and be tolerant to stress.

Circle K’s Customer Service Hourly Salary: NA

  • Some Other Positions

Other job positions at Circle K include being a crew trainer and financial accounting analyst. A crew trainer is responsible to train new employees on how to perform their daily tasks according to the rules and regulations of the company. Crew trainers need to train their employees on proper food handling to avoid complaints about unhygienic presentation. A financial accounting analyst is mainly responsible for the day-to-day operations of other accountants in the company. He/she must be able to multi-task, analyze complex information and fix problems.

Circle K’s Job Application Form Online

With Circle K’s official website, users can browse through to get to know more about the company and its services.
They may come across some job position that they like. Users can log on to to apply immediately for a job vacancy.

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