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by Publishing Team on November 9, 2010

Citi Bank Job Descriptions

At Citi Bank, team members are the most important constituents because they’re the single-most important influence on the customers. Citi Bank is committed to the welfare of its thousands of workers spread all over the world and seeks dedication, hard work and loyalty from its employees. Citi Bank retains a diverse workforce as regards race, religion, gender, or color. The bank has one of the most diversified work-force any company can boast of.

Citi Bank Job Positions and Duties

  • Citi Bank Chief Financial Officer Job Description

The Chief Financial Officer assists in attaining established Bank and department financial goals. Performs supervisory duties of department staff, coordinates staff for coverage in all related areas of the department. Counsels senior management on fiscal control and profitability; prepares, presents and interprets financial reports to senior management; adheres to tax laws and regulatory compliance to properly reflect the financial position of the Bank. Directs accounting department activities; provides leadership, training and supervision within the department; provides a high level of customer relations and service; and ensures compliance with Bank policies and procedures.

Citi Bank Chief Financial Officer Salary: $150,000

  • Citi Bank Loan Underwriter Job Description

To ensure the bank only lend to responsible or financially capable individuals, loan underwriters are employed to research, analyze, and interpret a number of financial reports for each applicant. They base approvals and denials on their findings, and request additional information when necessary. Upon approving a loan, their signature must be placed on the policy of insurance, and therefore take on extended accountability.

Citi Bank Loan Underwriter Salary: $60,000

  • Citi Bank Credit Risk/Financial Analyst Job Description

To decrease organization losses and increase profits, financial analysts generate a number of reports and study their findings to ensure programs are properly maintained. They must keep up with changes in policies and regulations, evaluate current systems, and make necessary changes to a facility. Professionals are utilized for a number of reasons, including the prevention of fraud.

Citi Bank Credit Risk/Financial Analyst Salary: $59,300

  • Citi Bank Policy/Procedure Analyst Job Description

Procedure analysts are required to research and write reports relating to company policies, procedures, efficiency, and profitability. They analyze a number of policies, and recommend the changes necessary to increase overall company performance.

Citi Bank Policy/Procedure Analyst Salary: $50,000

  • Citi Bank Chargeback Specialist Job Description

Chargeback most commonly consist of reversing charges from fraudulent or unacceptable charges. Chargeback specialists correspond between cardholders, businesses, or other individuals to ensure proper procedures and actions are completed. They delegate the charges that are to be reversed, and often times additional fees are included to the individual charged.

Citi Bank Chargeback Specialist Salary: $44,000

  • Citi Bank Data Entry/Proof Operator Job Description

Data entry associates are employed to ensure the accurate entry of information to a number of systems. Associates are expected to perform numerous clerical tasks, and must be capable of multitasking. In addition to basic duties, these associates may also be responsible for the printing and delivery of reports to designated individuals, as well as the maintenance of complex filing and organization systems.

Citi Bank Data Entry/Proof Operator Salary: $39,000

  • Citi Bank Courier Job Description

The Courier is responsible for performing scheduled courier services for the Bank, including, but not limited to, carrying articles, documents and deposits between branches, customers and other locations; sorting, delivering and picking up mail from the post office; and other duties as directed.

Citi Bank Courier Salary: $35,000

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