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Citigroup Job Description

Citigroup is known to be a chief American financial service based in New York. It flourish from a merge of two major companies namely Citicorp and and Travelers Group. Through the test of time, this company emerge and planted 160,000 administrative center throughout the world. And because of the wide-range areas they are serving, to be counted as 140 countries with in the globe, this company openly serves and offer a huge slots of employment wherein they have 260,000 employees as of the year 2010.

Citigroup Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Citigroup Senior Program Analyst Job Description

The Senior Program Analyst is mainly given the responsibility of analyzing certain department needs for computerization. Designs innovative or modifies on hand systems and writes computer programs to implement the system. Assists in the proposal of particular structure as needed. Tests and debugs computer programs. Guide human resources in the department assigned in any specific procedures necessary to enter data into visual display unit for computer processing. He/she also monitors performance of programs after implementation. Preferably have the degree in Data processing or equivalent to the degree stated there in. And must be a license holder with certificates and registration as required by the company.

Citigroup Senior Program Analyst Job Salary: $85,780

  • Citigroup Financial Analyst Job Description

The Financial Analyst is responsible in participating in joint meeting calls with the Sales team as appropriate. He/she follow the compliance with policies to ensure satisfactory ratings from internal and external auditors of the company and ensure that all services are invoiced and managed under the terms and conditions of signed contract and scope of work documents. Participate in consulting with Sales team to build up financing solutions for the clients to make sure that credit packages are submitted at the highest quality. He/she play a part in structuring acclaim request in combination and cooperation with the team to meet the client’s financing needs while adequately minimizing risk. It is also important for the analyst to negotiate with the terms and conditions each request of the consumers and ensuring the quality of production of the company.

Citigroup Financial Analyst Job Salary: $65,372

  • Citigroup Operations Analyst Job Description

The Operations Analyst is mainly responsible for the development and maintenance of company-client relationships across the areas of the globe they are serving. Must begin in adhering to local rules and regulations for better relationship and flow of work in the company and the environment assigned. He/she shares knowledge regarding the systems and protects client confidentiality and relationship with clients. Preferably requires Bachelor Degree. With strong skills to understand, use, and improve technology proposal. He/she must have a good interpersonal, organizational, leadership, and communication skills with proven ability to work efficiently and accurately under pressure in a fast paced multi tasking environment.

Citigroup Job Salary: $54,643

  • Citigroup IT Analyst Job Description

An IT Analyst evaluates system specification for the business needs. The analyst develops and prepares computer solutions and works closely with management to prioritize business goals and information needs. With strong communication skills, both written and verbal and maintains good attention to detail in highly pressured situations.Uses methods that are helpful to the development of the company. The company requires the applicant to have excellent computer skills with minimum education requirement of Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a any of the related field taken up.

Citigroup Job Salary: $67,955

  • Citigroup Project Manager Job Description

As a Project Manager acts on his/her responsibility by primarily creating and implement projects as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements of the industry. To perform his/her managerial skills, he/she is responsible for the scheduling of the man-power and prepares for meeting reviews and quality assurance measures. He/she facilitates team and client meetings effectively and holds regular status meetings with the team. Should have a constant and effective communication with the relevant project information to superiors. As manger it his/her responsibility and duty to encourage more junior Innovators to take responsibility for their development within the company.

Citigroup Job Salary: $97,451

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