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by Publishing Team on November 9, 2010

Citizens’ Bank Job Descriptions

Citizens’ Bank offers its employees a wide array of training and leadership development programs. They range from classroom-based courses to comprehensive web-based e-learning. Citizens’ Bank ensures that it provides many avenues and opportunities for professional development and allows colleagues to advance in their careers. Citizens’ Bank provide the typical benefits as well as some not-so-typical benefits, like discounts, and wellness and work-life programs to help meet a variety of lifestyle needs. The bank seeks dedicated and hard working professionals to fill its vacant positions in several states.

Citizens’ Bank Job Positions and Duties

  • Citizens’ Bank Controller Job Description

Citizens’ Bank Controller directs all functions of the banking establishment’s accounting process. The officer is typically responsible for budget creation and maintenance, as well as report preparation and delivery. Candidates must be able to evaluate current policies and procedures and make necessary changes to improve accuracy, efficiency, and/or profitability.

Citizens’ Bank Controller Salary: $98,000

  • Citizens’ Bank ATM Manager Job Description

The ATM Manager contributes to the Bank’s deposit growth strategies and goals; generates additional revenue from ATM products and services; attains established individual, department and Bank goals; oversees the handling of ATM related electronic fund transfer (EFT) customer disputes or fraudulent issues in accordance with state and federal regulations. Performs direct supervisory duties of department staff and coordinates staff for coverage in all related areas. The officer is responsible assesses customer needs and recommends effective strategies; performs a cost benefit and risk analysis; negotiates pricing to optimize profitability of related product or service solutions.

Citizens’ Bank ATM Manager Salary: $70,000

  • Citizens’ Bank Audit Officer Job Description

The Audit Officer reports audit findings and recommendations to mitigate risk directly to the Bank’s Audit Committee. Performs supervisory duties of department staff, coordinates staff for coverage in all related areas of the department. He/she is responsible for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling financial, operational and lending audits for the Bank. Examines the accuracy and completeness of records and procedures for internal control to safeguard Bank assets and ensures areas of the Bank are in compliance with policies, procedures, regulations and laws.

Citizens’ Bank Audit Officer Salary: $55,000

  • Citizens’ Bank Foreclosure Specialist Job Description

Citizens’ Bank Foreclosure specialist maintains documents and reports on a monthly basis to prevent the foreclosure of loans and properties. He/she handles all aspects of foreclosure; therefore a thorough knowledge of legal requirements is necessary. The officer may be required to complete a number of labor intensive tasks in order to ensure titles are free and clear.

Citizens’ Bank Foreclosure specialist Salary: $49,000

  • Citizens’ Bank Loss Specialist Job Description

To minimize the losses of a banking facility, loss specialists are often employed to investigate policies and procedures and make necessary changes to current systems. They handle a number of duties to ensure that fraud, forgery, and many other activities do not take place within their facility. They isolate issues, and implement changes to solve any reoccurring issues. Interaction with legal agencies may be necessary in certain instances.

Citizens’ Bank Loss Specialist Salary: $48,100

  • Citizens’ Bank Trust Administrator Job Description

The Trust Administrator is required to work with multiple departments to fully complete transactions, but allow individuals to work with a single representative throughout the process. When individuals wish to set up trust funds, trust administrators handle the implementation of their accounts. They meet with clients, conduct necessary research, prepare reports, and compose numerous documents in order to properly complete the process.

Citizens’ Bank Trust Administrator Salary: $49,000

Citizens’ Bank Job Application Form Online

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