Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery

by Publishing Team on November 10, 2010

Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery Job Description

Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery’s chain of restaurants is known for their breakfast, prime rib, premium coffee, and most of all, their very efficient and friendly employees. The employees are encouraged to succeed in this industry so they can become candidates for promotion as determined by the corporation. The company is known for their large number of independent workers and a majority of them started their career serving the famous premium coffee. Most of the skills their employees acquired are from the ongoing training that is provided so everyone can be successful and grow with the company.

Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery Job Positions and Duties

  • Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery Baker Job Description

A baker at Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery job description is mainly baking the breads and pastries daily. The baker will know how to produce quality fresh baked items and will be able to meet all quotas. They will have to know how to properly measure and mix while following the company’s recipes. A baker will need extreme organization skills since they will be multi-tasking while they are baking. As a baker, he or she will have to strictly follow all safety and hygiene standards while working in the kitchen that the company has set in place.

Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery Baker Salary: $15,500

  • Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery Bus Person Job Description

The main job responsibility of a bus person is to clear the tables and set them back up for the next guests. They will also help the servers deliver the food to the guests, wipe down all tables and chairs, clean the floor, take care of any spills, change fountain drink syrups, take out all garbage, and deliver all dirty dishes to the kitchen. A bus person will restock all napkins, glasses, and silverware so the servers will always have an ample supply on hand at all times. This is a fast paced environment so the bus person will have to be quick on their feet and ready to help with anything at all times.

Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery Bus Person Hourly Salary: $6.97

  • Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery Host Job Description

The main job description of a host at Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery is to greet each customer and seat them in the dining room. A host will also answer the phone for reservations, confirm with the manager there are not any reservations that they are not aware of, use a damp rag to wipe down the menus so they are always clean, and keep the entry way clean of all debris. The host will also check in with the kitchen so they will know how long the delay is before the guests can be seated, guests will be divided up equally between the servers, make sure all areas are being kept clean, and thank each guest for coming as they leave the restaurant. This is a fast paced environment so the host will need to be knowledgeable of what is going on in the dining room at all times.

Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery Host Hourly Salary: $7.66

  • Some Other Positions

Other job positions at Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery include being a server whose main job responsibility is taking orders and serving the food. A server will also have to collect the funds from the customers and deliver any change. They will also restock supplies as they start to run low.

Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery Job Application Form Online

Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery’s official website allows users to browse for different restaurant locations. The website link provides a comprehensive database for locating the different restaurants for which a person can apply at.

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