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by Publishing Team on November 9, 2010

Colonial Bank Job Descriptions

Colonial Bank is committed to developing and maintaining a workplace that reflects the diversity of the communities they serve. The bank supports a work environment where individual differences are valued and respected and where each individual who shares the fundamental values of the company has an opportunity to contribute and grow based on individual merit. Colonial Bank continues to thrive because of its strong commitment to diversity and because the employees represent the cultural makeup of its diverse customer base. Colonial Bank is an equal opportunity employer and disregards discrimination in any form.

Colonial Bank Job Positions and Duties

  • Colonial Bank Branch Manager Job Description

Colonial Bank Branch Manager is generally responsible for overall customer satisfaction. The Branch Manager spends a great deal of time with tellers, loan officers, and other employees to ensure all employees are properly trained. It is important that this officer has extensive customer service skills, because he/she must motivate all sales professionals and work with customers in order to increase customer satisfaction. The officer is expected to be very fit and readily available to work for long hours.

Colonial Bank Branch Manager Salary: $115,000

  • Colonial Bank Assistant Branch Manager Job Description

This officer is employed specifically to assist managers with all aspects of their jobs; the Assistant Branch Manager must have a thorough knowledge of all banking duties. This officer must have a great deal of interaction with customers and employees, and must be able to manage a number of departments, as well as maintain relations with customers.

Colonial Bank Assistant Branch Manager Salary: $90,000

  • Colonial Bank Loan Officer Job Description

To increase the amount of transactions through their facility, loan officers assist individuals seeking loans, and act as a liaison to creditors and borrowers. Originators aid clients when applying for loans, as well as ensure that the necessary information is provided to both the creditor and the borrower. These professionals must be able to advise clients experiencing difficulties receiving loans, in addition to suggesting the best possible option(s) for each client.

Colonial Bank Loan Officer Salary: $52,000

  • Colonial Bank Loan Underwriter Job Description

To ensure banks only lend to responsible or financially capable individuals, loan underwriters are employed to research, analyze, and interpret a number of financial reports for each applicant. They base approvals and denials on their findings, and request additional information when necessary. Upon approving a loan, their signature must be placed on the policy of insurance, and therefore take on extended accountability.

Colonial Bank Loan Underwriter Salary: $48,000

  • Colonial Bank Financial Analyst Job Description

To decrease organization losses and increase profits, financial analysts generate a number of reports and study their findings to ensure programs are properly maintained. They must keep up with changes in policies and regulations, evaluate current systems, and make necessary changes to a facility. Professionals are utilized for a number of reasons, including the prevention of fraud.

Colonial Bank Financial Analyst Salary: $60,000

  • Colonial Bank Collections Specialist Job Description

To ensure payments are made in a timely manner, collections specialists are employed to monitor and maintain payment records. In the event that an account becomes delinquent, they must follow a number of procedures for working with clients to ensure all payments are received. They may be required to compose written communication, although the majority of correspondence is oral, and statistical reports must be utilized when reporting to supervisors.

Colonial Bank Collections Specialist Salary: $47,000

Colonial Bank Job Application Form Online

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