CompSource Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 14, 2011

CompSource Inc. Job Description

CompSource Inc. was incorporated in 1991 with its main emphasis on countrywide and worldwide mail order. We carry more than 200,000 recognized name computer hardware and software products. Our people are confident and technically knowledgeable in the business and as we continue to grow, we also want to increase, develop new and competent staff in the future.

CompSource Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Website Developer

Website developer creates the best e-commerce in a competitive industry. The position requires a solid knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CGI, MS SQL, ASP and Responsible for software constructs and releases. Responsible for scheming and developing the subsequent generation, scripts, installation procedures and systems, including source run and problem tracking. A web developer is a person who is in business, working closely with the QA team to ensure the final version conforms to the organization. He must be familiar with some of the concepts in the field, practices and procedures. Relies on experience and judgment to map and accomplish goals. Usually discusses to a supervisor/manager. Previous experience and sample sites required.

Web Developer Salary: $50,000.00

  • Technical Support

Technical support helps construct, improve, repair, identify and troubleshoot computers and notebooks. Offer customer support and technical issue resolution by means of E-Mail, phone and other electronic medium. A technical support does the arrangement of customer’s equipment to hook up to the Internet via modem/DSL Router. Build up software to connect to Internet application servers. Give training to customers in the employment of system and applications as connected to Internet. Get hold of overall understanding of OS and function operations associated to company offered services. Recognize and approved or advise, on operational issues in customer computer systems. Execute making of new accounts using company provided software tools.

Technical Support Salary: $40,000.00

  • Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer must have a broad knowledge of basic Adobe and Macromedia products. A graphic designer discovers the best method to communicate a message by using print, electronic and film media by means of evaluating the color, kind, design, camera work, animatronics and other print techniques. A graphic designer also plans the design and manufacture of magazines, newspapers, journals and business reports. He produces promotional material such as displays, covering or advertising brochures and he designs logos for products and businesses. Graphic designers’ profession duties also include designing websites, interactive media, and multimedia assignments. Previous experience and sample sites required.

Graphic Designer Salary: $40,000.00

  • Sales Advertising

This position includes selling marketing space on company’s web site and print list. Meeting and coordinating collective funds from producers for radio and magazine advertisements. The job of advertising sales agent consist of obtaining new accounts, meeting with customers both locally and globally when necessary, making phone calls to speak to potential customers, sell marketing time or space, assembling follow-up schedules among sales agents and prospects and offering customer support to marketing clients. He or she is as well in charge for arranging and transmitting sales presentations to current and new customers by clarifying precise types of advertising to customers, keeping assigned accounts, and dealing with paperwork. In addition, he is in charge in delivering illustration or advertising proofs to customers. Previous experience required.

Sales Advertising Salary: $30,000.00

How to Apply

Kindly email resumes to [email protected]

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