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CompUSA Job Description

CompUSA is a division of Systemax, Inc. bringing customers the best brands of computers, television, and other electronics. CompUSA sells electronics with known brand names at a much lower price. CompUSA does not only sell their electronics but sees to it that customers chooses the perfect electronic material for them providing them with information, pictures, and videos to help customers make their purchase decision and not regret it afterwards.

CompUSA Job Positions and Duties

  • CompUSA Store Manager Job Description

The store manager handle’s and manages the daily operation of the store seeing to it that the store policies are being followed. He/she also works to make the store more appealing to customers to minimize incidence of turnovers and increase profitability. He/she focuses on satisfactory customer service by training and developing staff members and at the same time motivates them in order to meet the store’s sales goal. The Store manager is the overall store operations lookout making sure that customers are served well, developing strategies to improve sales, conducting updates regarding sales trends, and achieving or exceeding store sales goals.

CompUSA Store Manager Salary: $53k-57k

  • CompUSA Sales Manager Job Description

The Sales Manager supervises a team of sales associates and ensures the coordination among these associates and execution of the planned strategies to penetrate the market and be able to make sales and increase profitability. The Sales Manager sees to it that the customers are being handled well and at times he/she will have to attend to customer questions and problems with the company and/or the product. Working under the general manager’s supervision he/she sees to it that standards and policies are being followed in every store operations.

CompUSA Sales Manager Salary: $39, 667

  • CompUSA Sales Associate Job Description

The Sales Associate is the primarily entertains the customer and determines what the customer needs. He/she must be able to give out the highest quality of customer service he/she can give. He/she must be knowledgeable of the products he/she sells in order to provide the customers accurately what they need. The Sales Associate assists the customers in their purchase decision by providing them ample information about the product.

CompUSA Sales Associate Hourly Salary: $10

  • CompUSA Cashier Job Description

A Cashier is in charge for the final transaction of the customer’s merchandise purchase. A cashier will be the one to receive payment from the customer, operate the register, and give the change that is due to the customer. Aside from these duties the cashier also compiles and report transactions that have been made and maintain non- monetary records.

CompUSA Cashier Hourly Salary: $7.92

  • CompUSA PC Technician Job Description

A PC Technician will be in charge for dealing with customer concerns such as computer diagnostic and repairs, software and hardware installations, and other technical support the customer needs. He/she must be able to perform these functions within the scope of time set by store management. He/she must be able to keep a record of all customer served as per company policy.

CompUSA PC Technician Salary: $25, 888

CompUSA Job Application Form Online

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