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Cosi Job Description

Cosi’s chain of restaurants is known for its flatbread pizzas, sandwiches, coffees, and most of all, their highly efficient and friendly employees. Given the chance to succeed in this industry, most employees can become candidates for promotion as determined by the company. The company is known for their huge number of independent workers and good portion of their employees started their careers in the company serving the flatbread pizzas. Most of the skills their employees acquired were from hands on training. They want their employees to learn all they can and know there is not a better way of doing it then letting them learn as they work. There are trainers that work with the employees until they are confident the employee is ready to work on their own.

Cosi Job Positions and Duties

  • Cosi Barista Job Description

A Barista’s main job responsibility is preparing the different coffees for the customers. They will also be able to tell the customers about all the different coffees and what they are made with. In this type of job the customer service skills have to be outstanding. Since this is a fast paced environment the person will have to be quick with their hands in order to make the coffee in a timely manner. They will also be able to handle any customer complaints and exchange out the drinks if the customer is not satisfied. At the end of the shift the barista is responsible for breaking down the cash drawer and balancing it out.

Cosi Barista Hourly Salary: $8.25

  • Cosi Barista Trainer Job Description

As a Barista trainer they are responsible for interviewing and hiring new employees. They will need outstanding communication skills since they are in charge of a team that is responsible for delivering outstanding customer service. A trainer will also be in charge of making sure all new employees are receiving the proper training so they will be able to take orders and make the best cup of coffee. They will make sure the restaurant in clean on the inside and outside at all times. They will have to balance the drawers and occasionally make a deposit at the bank. A trainer will also talk with customers to make sure they are fully satisfied and there are no problems.

Cosi Barista Trainer Hourly Salary: $9.22

  • Cosi Assistant Manager Job Description

The main responsibility of an assistant manager is helping the manager with the team at all times. They will be able to interact with the team and correct any situations that need immediate attention. An assistant manager will need to make sure everything is properly stocked and kept clean at all times. They will have to help count inventory and order supplies for the restaurant. The assistant will have to know everything about the restaurant so they can handle any situation that arises. They will have to be quick on their feet since this is a fast paced establishment, handle paperwork when the manager is away, handle complaints from customers, and handle the vendors. It is also important that they are ensuring all safety procedures are being followed at all times.

Cosi Assistant Manager Salary: $36,000

  • Some Other Positions

Other job positions at Cosi include being a general manager whose main job responsibility is running the restaurant. The general manager handles the hiring, firing, reprimanding of employees, making sure they are properly trained, doing random audits on cash drawers, balancing the books daily, making deposits, and able to handle the pressures and stress from a fast paced environment.

Cosi Job Application Form Online

Cosi’s official website allows users to browse for different job opportunities at the different locations. The website link provides a database for the job positions.

At applicants can easily apply for the position they are interested in working as long as they meet all the qualifications.

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