Cost Plus Inc.

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Established: 1958
Employees: 2,390
HQ: Oakland, California
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Cost Plus Inc. Job Description

Cost Plus, Inc. is the proprietor and operator of the succession of Cost Plus World Market. It was established in 1958 in California and supplies more than 200 stores in 30 States all over US with 2000 plus fulltime employees. Cost Plus beautifies dining rooms and picnics with wicker, wine, and cheese. The company sells fixtures and furniture, mats, baskets, stoneware, and a lot of home decorations. In addition, Cost Plus Inc. also caters exotic food and drinks to people.

Cost Plus Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Inventory Management Planner

The Inventory Management Planner will handle the departmental financial strategies and the OTB at the department, class, and sku level with monthly arrangement to senior management; work with Merchant on proper measures and price to classify for core diagram, seasonal shops, and procedures; build up pre and in season financial plans and breakdown for sku’s, programs, classes, and order equivalent measures; handle order flow amounts to bear sales, record, border, DC space plans, and turn; and correspond variety plan with Inventory Management Analyst to get suitable sharing strategies by increasing flow strategies for the entire product types, core, seasonal, new, and publicity.

Inventory Management Planner $60,000.00

  • Inventory Management Analyst

The Inventory Management Analyst will construct, expand and preserve allotment strategies to guarantee utmost sell from end to end and productivity on seasonal products while minimizing discounts; evaluate sales trends and advertisement movement to make sure that stores are in supply on center items, promotes products, strategies and shops; evaluate sku and plan output to ensure store turn and WOS goals are met and extend tiered range strategies; analyze list locations and sales for each DC service area and assess stock position and seize action as desired; make certain that new stores have proper inventory levels to support production and sales while joining forces with cross efficient team; grow best possible store status to ensure correct allocation of products; and increase knowledge of geographic and store-attribute performance and styles through qualitative and quantitative breakdown, and make results by shifting knowledge into IM tactics.

Inventory Management Analyst Salary: $50,000.00

  • Senior Manager Media

The Senior Manager Media operates as media thought head carrying perceptive and pioneering ideas for the product; direct media team to explore market sales styles and build up multi-media blend approaches and tactics intended to make traffic with the majority of competent media spend; check, examine and advocate original and substitute media opportunities that force the brand ahead and bring traffic and sales; make RFP course and expand and run external affiliations or organizations as required; process and make the most of plans on an continuing foundation based on sales, demographic and local data; discuss and assess every media contracts; develop and show promotional plans for possible new store spots; comprehend efficacy of media mediums; collaborate with Marketing Communication complements to equally develop successful strategies and tactics for input mediums; plan and help in yearly budgeting process; finished monthly forecasting and accumulations; direct, control and build up group of three; and special projects as assigned when necessary.

Senior Manager Media Salary: $75,000.00

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