Costco Wholesale Corp.

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Costco Wholesale Corp. Job Description

Costco Wholesale Corp. has warehouse club operations in 8 countries which a recognized multi-billion dollar global retailer dedicated to quality in every area of business and respected for its outstanding business ethics. This company continues to provide a family atmosphere in which employees thrive and succeed despite its large and explosive international expansion. Costco Wholesale Corp. is proud to have been named one of the TOP 3 companies by Washington CEO Magazine to work for the entire state of Washington.

Costco Wholesale Corp. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Sharepoint Server Administration Analyst

This position performs analysis and other tasks necessary for design, implementation, and maintenance of enterprise Windows server-based applications and/or infrastructures. This will involve developing detailed recommendations for management, architectural design, strategic planning and implementation, daily monitoring and tracking, auditing, consultation with other departments to resolve server issues and concerns, and analyzing and recommending system changes. The position will meet regularly with business customers to determine their technology requirements, offer advice and perform implementations. This position also will act as a mentor to other team members. This position will help install, configure, upgrade, and support server hardware and software, as well as creating and maintaining automation scripts.

Sharepoint Server Administration Analyst Salary: No data available

  • Integration Analyst

Design, develop, support and troubleshoot Websphere MQ infrastructure Provide WMQ and WMB administration support to backup the primary administrator Provide 24×7 on-call support of production systems on a rotation basis Recommend and develop integration standards, guidelines, and best practices for WebSphere MQ Work with Application Engineers to ensure that application designs utilize the appropriate integration patterns and standards Mentor junior members of the integration team and be an education resource for the application development teams Maintain current knowledge of industry trends and standards Build and maintain a solid understanding of the application areas and the business areas they support.

Integration Analyst Salary: No data available

  • Enterprise Java Engineer

The Enterprise Java Engineer*s role is to architect and define Costco*s Enterprise Java development and production Environment. The position will require strong software engineering background, proven architectural and team leadership skills. This person must have a thorough understanding of Enterprise tools, processes and administration. They should have a proven track record of setting up Enterprise environments and optimizing solutions to meet business requirements. They will work very closely with a team of engineers and architects, and must possess a systematic approach with a proven record of accomplishing enterprise initiatives within schedule. They must have experience designing scalable solutions. This person must possess a positive attitude and a strong dedication to providing quality solutions.

Enterprise Java Engineer Salary: No data available

  • App Dev Database Modeler

Participate in requirements definition, analysis and the design of database solutions Map business requirements presented as use cases to logical and physical data models Reverse engineer source system data structures Drive model management and version control of all data models Conduct model reviews with project team members, and various technology and business based teams Drive metadata capture through data modeling tools Develop and maintain a data dictionary on all data models Facilitate creation/migration of data objects (DDL) across environments Develop data access code Establish and enforce standards and best practices around data modeling efforts Ensure data warehouse and data mart designs efficiently support BI and end user capabilities. Collaborate with BI teams to create reporting data structures; ETL teams to create data integration data structures Collaborate with the other Database Team members to optimize data structures Work closely with development teams on all issues related to the database Maintain expertise and proficiency in the various applications areas Develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of cross system interactions and relationships in order to develop an enterprise view of Costco*s data needs Maintain current knowledge of industry trends and standards.

App Dev Database Modeler Salary: No data available

  • eForms Developer

Develop Advanced Data Validations * Develop custom Java and Javascript to configure advanced data validations for any workflow process developed. Advanced data validations can include web service calls, custom database look-ups and complex exports. Develop Custom Workflow * Responsible for developing any custom workflow within the LiquidOffice system. This can include form chaining, Q&A form UI, and more complex process creation activities. Configure exports * Responsible for configuring exports to any associated backend system. Assist with Integration and User Acceptance Testing * Responsible for working with the quality assurance (QA)/testing team, Business EForms Developer, and the EForms Middleware Administrator to coordinate both integration and user acceptance testing. Review and Assess All Field Level Validations * Will be responsible for ensuring that the field level validations and properties have been properly configured. The Developer will also look for additional opportunities to build in validations that may help eliminate any manual verification. Transition Solution into Production * Work with the LiquidOffice EForms Middleware Administrator to coordinate the delivery of the final solution into the production environment.

eForms Developer Salary: No data available

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anonymous March 16, 2011 at 2:30 am

If you have half a brain……You are smarter then the people who are in charge, do not believe the hype you here about this company.. It was at one time the best to work for…No more..To big to fast…


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