Country Pride

by Publishing Team on October 20, 2010

Country Pride Job Description

The creation of awareness on how we should eat better has created a niche which this restaurant has filled very well. None of the foods being served by this chain has been artificially grown nor have hormones been added. Everything is natural and since people need to eat natural food, there is a large number of people that buy food from these establishments. For customers, quality has never been compromised upon. There is a large menu of breakfast, main meal and appetizer food items. Working for Country Pride can be the beginning of a good career and some of the jobs offered by Country Pride are listed here.

Country Pride Job Positions and Duties

  • Country Pride Cashier Job Description

The work of a Country Pride restaurant cashier is to respond to the questions asked by customers effectively and politely. This however, is not the main duty of the cashier. This professional is supposed to make sure all the payments are processed and the right change refunded to the clients. The cashier doubles as the receptionists in areas where there is no receptionist, whose duties are to take calls and respond to them accordingly.

Country Pride cashier’s salary: $12 per hour

  • Country Pride Cook Job Description

The cook is supposed to cook high quality food and serve them attractively. Everything has to be satisfactory before it leaves the kitchen. The cook talks to the management in case there is need to revamp the menus and increase some of the food items. The cook needs to be business minded and come up with interesting recipes that will sell. Cooks also make sure all the items in the kitchen are used carefully to avoid wastage.

Country Pride cook’s salary: $12 per hour

  • Country Pride Shift Manager Job Description

Since employees work in shifts in this fast paced environment, the work of the shift manager is to make sure the shifts are well arranged and programmed. All the employees have to work according to how they applied. An application gives the clients a chance to choose a work shift. In the event that one part of the shift is understaffed, the manager will interview and hire new staff. This manager handles the complaints of customers in the event that they are made. The manager will use his PR skills to protect the reputation of the restaurant.

Country Pride shift manager’s salary: $18 per hour

  • Country Pride Store Manager Job Description

The store manager will direct and supervise the work of his juniors. In the event that one of them slacks in his work, the manager has to make sure he gets to the bottom of it. The manager keeps the records of the inflow of supplies and makes sure new supplies are ordered after some time. The monitoring of the usage of supplies and recommendation of the economical usage of supplies is the duty of this manager.

Country Pride store manager’s salary: $13-15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

Management positions are available for all qualified people as Country Pride is an equal opportunities employer. There are many other positions, both in management and service provision like PR and waitressing, all which require one to have the skills and necessary experience. The minimum experience needed for a job depends on what job one wants. The average experience however, is a year for service jobs and two years for management jobs.

Country Pride Job Application Form Online

There is no official website for this specific restaurant but in the event that you want a job in any of the Country Pride restaurants, Here are some few links to other Country Pride restaurants and job hunting sites that will give you a clue as to what is expected.

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