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Established: 1905
Employees: 20,000
HQ: Plano, Texas
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Crossmark Job Description

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Crossmark is a privately owned professional services company that helps consumer goods manufacturers and retailers achieve maximum performance goals. With an employee of more than 20,000 associates worldwide, this services company announced revenue of $3.6Billion.

Crossmark Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Crossmark Retail Representative Job Description

Retail Representative should possess a sound verbal communication skills and special knowledge of the product being promoted. He or she is the one explaining the benefits of the products and making sure the customers are provided with educated information of the products. He or she also demonstrates the product features and uses to convince the customers for a purchase.

Crossmark Retail Representative Job Hourly Salary: $11.22/hour

  • Crossmark Event Specialist Job Description

Event Specialist is the one planning corporate, social or business related events. He or she is responsible in all aspects of preparations in certain events and activities. He or she is also responsible in the overall attractiveness, ambience and suitability of the venue for the event. He or she also manages and coordinates food catering and service, and plans the entire program flow.

Crossmark Event Specialist Job Salary: $10.67/hour

  • Crossmark Client Services Manager Job Description

Client Services Manager, also known as Account Managers, serves as liaison between the company and customers. He or she is responsible in ensuring the needs of the clients, such as billings, trainings and product information, are met properly. He or she works closely with sales and customer service departments to build strong relationships with the customers. As a Client Services Manager, he or she provides education and knowledge to the customers while contributing valuable ideas to the company’s business proposals, product upgrades and client events.

Crossmark Client Services Manager Job Salary: $48,167

  • Crossmark Retail Supervisor Job Description

Retail Supervisor is responsible in the overall employee operation of the retail area in the store. He or she monitors retail personnel and evaluates their performances. He or she submits reports on either weekly or monthly employee performances and may suggest of any performance improvement programs. He or she also oversees daily operations and submits reports to the Retail Manager.

Crossmark Retail Supervisor Job Salary: $30,667

  • Crossmark Product Demonstrator Job Description

A Product Demonstrator is responsible in demonstrating the products to the customers, promote good features of the products, answer questions and promote sales. He or she may use promotional coupons, offers or pamphlets to encourage customer purchase. He or she must possess good oral communication and sound stage performance.

Crossmark Product Demonstrator Job Hourly Salary: $10.60/hour

  • Crossmark Sales Analyst Job Description

A Sales Analyst is tasked to improve and maximize company sales by gathering data and interpreting them into valuable information in decision making, planning, and marketing strategies. He or she also evaluates the quality of the data gathered from various departments especially the sales and marketing department. He or she should be able to predict future product demand, market shares and trends.

Crossmark Sales Analyst Job Salary: $64,217

  • Crossmark Project Administrator Job Description

A Project Administrator is an administrative professional who assists in the reporting, preparation and analysis of business projects under supervision of a project manager. He or she is responsible is assisting administrative functions of project related assignments that include planning and documentation of projects from the proposal to the closeout phase.

Crossmark Project Administrator Job Salary: $34,106

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