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by Publishing Team on October 22, 2010

Daily Grill Job Description

In 1987, the Daily Grill was launched in Beverly Hills. Still after its modulation this restaurant did not forget to maintain its old tradition and offered first rate fare, attentive service and a familiar, clubby atmosphere. Due to the public demand in 1987, founders lunched another version of the grill in Los Angeles area which is less expensive than the first Daily Grill, which opened in Brentwood, California. The Grill management believes in offering attentive services with a familiar setting along with simple cooked food at affordable prices. Another three new chains are also opened in different places of Los Angeles. In 1996, the seventh branch was opened near to the John Wayne Airport which is the most sought after business center for all. In 1997, The Grill opened the largest full-service airport restaurant at Los Angeles International Airport with 8300 square-foot property facilitate with a private dining room, intimate booths and large bar. Till today, the business empire of the Grill is on growing path. Its friendly staff and homely environment with classic style food always attracts people to come here again and again.

Daily Grill Job Positions and Duties

  • Daily Grill Cashier Job Description

The main duty of a cashier at Daily Grill is to take and give out orders. All cashiers who work here are well-trained and very skilled to understand the demand of customers in the exact manner. The pleasant and climate control atmosphere inside the restaurant help the cashier to work efficiently. In Daily Grill restaurants, the job hours of cashiers are distributed according to different shifts as restaurant offers 24 hour services to all its customers. During busy schedules, cashiers can also take the responsibility like wiping off menus and are also expected to keep their working area neat and clean. All the cashier works here are expert in processing all types of cards including ATMs.

Daily Grill Cashier’s salary $10 per hour

  • Daily Grill Kitchen Staff Job description

Like in any other big restaurants, here also the role of kitchen staff is crucial. In this Grill restaurant, the kitchen staff includes the Sous chef, the head chef, helpers, kitchen porters and kitchen cleaners. In all the Grill restaurants, the appointed sous chef are experienced people and supervise the entire kitchen related work perfectly. The duty of the head chef includes staff hiring, menu planning and also the overall management of kitchen operations. The helpers in this restaurant are experts in time management. They are always involved with food preparation, food storage, cleaning up and assisting other kitchen staff members. The kitchen porters or the kitchen cleaner duties also include; laundering table linens and chef’s aprons and also cleaning up of food preparation and dining areas, as well as waste removal.

  • Daily Grill Restaurant Management Job Description

In Daily Grill restaurant, all the members of the management are well trained and have a good experience over managing all hotel related matters. Some general duty of these management professionals includes resolving all problems of customers related to food and other services, making sure that health and sanitation standards are maintained properly and check the quality of food delivery. The restaurant management professionals also work for the estimation of food consumption, placing orders with suppliers, and scheduling delivery of fresh food and beverages. It is also the duty of this department to maintain budget and employee records, preparation of payroll, and pay bills and monitoring book keeping records. Daily Grill management professionals are totally equipped with a good computer network to track staff schedules and pay, and perform other record keeping tasks.

  • Some other positions

There are several other options available for both fresher and experienced professionals in Daily Grill. Daily Grill is highly concerned about maintaining its high professional standard. All hired staff in Daily Grill are offered house training by the staff and administration of the company before resuming duty.

Daily Grill Application Form Online

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