Dairy Queen

by Publishing Team on November 9, 2010

Dairy Queen Job Description

Dairy Queen or more popularly known as DQ is today’s one among the biggest international chain of both fast food and soft serve restaurants. Owned and managed by International Dairy Queen, Inc., the company is in the lookout for highly qualified individuals willing to become part of the company’s continuously growing team.

Dairy Queen Job Positions and Duties

  • Dairy Queen Team Member Job Description

As a Team Member at Dairy Queen, the main duty and responsibility is to provide customers the highest form of customer service satisfaction which may include but not limited to taking and receiving orders, processing payments, giving the exact change and above all, responding appropriately to whatever the customer needs. Team Members at Dairy Queen also need to prepare the products on the menu list based on the company’s service philosophy. They must also follow the standards when it comes to maintaining the safety and cleanliness of the work environment at all times.

Dairy Queen Team Member Hourly Salary: $7.69/hr

  • Dairy Queen Cashier Job Description

Having an entry level position at Dairy Queen as a cashier means you need to have the ability to operate point of sale terminals or cash registers depending on what particular equipment is at use at the store. Your main duty as a cashier is to process customer’s orders and perform inventory of supplies in your workstation. You also need to develop a comprehensive knowledge about all the products and services the company is offering because there are times when you need to answer some of the customer’s inquiries. It is also the duty of DQ cashiers to balance all sales that went into the cash register. Additional job responsibilities including maintaining the cleanliness of the work area especially the counter to ensure safety in work area.

Dairy Queen Cashier Hourly Salary: $8.33/hr

  • Dairy Queen Restaurant Manager Job Description

Among the chief duties and responsibilities of Dairy Queen Restaurant Manager is to set up team work and dedication among the employees while making the customers feel like they are part of a big family when dining at the restaurant. Restaurant Managers are responsible for managing the store’s daily operations by scheduling work shift among employees, conducting inventory of food supplies and ensuring that the company’s safety codes and security policy are being maintained. It is also their responsibility to evaluate, interview, and hire qualified Team Members and their assessment must be based on the hiring standards of the company. It is also within their power to conduct performance evaluation and appraisal, motivate and train staff, as well as take disciplinary action when necessary.

Dairy Queen Restaurant Manager Salary: $29,00

  • Dairy Queen Assistant Manager Job Description

Assistant Managers at Dairy Queen are under the supervision of Restaurant Managers and since they are playing the important role as second in command, assistant managers have the duty of supervising all Team Members on his or her assigned shift. Other related responsibilities may include taking part in hiring personnel, orienting and or assessing the performance of Team Members, coach newly hired members about all the key areas of the operations and they are also in charge of implementing all the policies and operational guidelines of the company. Assistant Managers are also responsible for keeping the restaurant premises clean using the company’s standard sanitation program. They also need to ensure that the highest standard for maintaining product quality and excellent customer service is being implemented.

Dairy Queen Assistant Manager Salary: $24,000

  • Dairy Queen Shift Manager Job Description

Among the chief responsibilities of Shift Managers at Dairy Queen is to ensure the compliance of the store’s standard operating procedures. They also need to fill in a position chart that must be properly balanced for operational excellence and make sure that each and every Team Members are complying with the company’s standards not only in wearing the proper uniform but personal hygiene as well. Shift Managers are also in charge for implementing the company’s standards in food handling, preparation and production and ensures that the kitchen stations using the proper procedures for food preparation and handling.

Dairy Queen Shift Manager Hourly Salary: $9.22

Dairy Queen Job Application Form Online

Available job positions are open and the company is looking for highly skilled and result oriented individuals willing to work in a fast paced environment. Local and international career opportunities can be browsed at http://www.dairyqueen.com/us-en/careers/.

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